How to make your new home a smart home

Just moved in? Make your place more secure, less work and more fun with smart home tech

29 Jul 2020

If you’re moving into a new place, it’s a great time to make your new space smarter. Smart homes have all kinds of benefits – from making everyday chores easier to cutting down energy bills. And most smart tech is easy to install and simple to use.

It’s best to get yourself set up with a smart home hub - Google, Alexa, Samsung or there are many others. After that you just add compatible tech and use your hub to control your whole smart home from your phone or TV screen.

Here’s some great ideas to get you started…


Cut down the chores

Moving is tough enough, so why not start off life in your new house with some labour-saving tech miracles?


 Make vacuuming automatic

Still pushing a vacuum around? Switch to a robot vacuum cleaner and let the little sucker do it for you. You can set a vacuuming schedule, control it from your phone and even (with Samsung’s model) decide which rooms you want it to tackle. Many robo vacuum cleaners are laser guided and, when their charge is low, they return to their base station for more juice. Having a robot on dust patrol is one less job but it’s also great fun.


Have a smart assistant on-hand

Sometimes our day can feel like one big to-do list, so it’s a great idea to use smart tech to keep on top of it all. Did you remember to buy more milk? Do you know when your dentist appointment is? Did you call the plumber? Get a smart speaker and you can give it your to-do list and have it remind you at exactly the right time. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping things organised. You can also use it to control the rest of your smart home with just your voice. Lights off.



Beef up your security

You’ve just moved in your treasured stuff so now it’s time to take care of it and your new digs. And while you could rig up some CCTV or dig a moat, there are much smarter, simpler ways to tackle home security.


Smart locks

We all lose our house keys sooner or later  – but it always ruins your day. Ditch the keys and get smart locks. You can locks that work on number combinations, touchpads and you can even lock and unlock your door from your phone. Going keyless is easy. Some systems also let you set time-limited codes so that you a cleaner or friend can let themselves in. Handy!


Smart doorbells

So, this one both gives you better security but is also super convenient. By having a video doorbell you can check from your phone, you can check who’s at the door if you’re away from home or just tucked up in bed. That way, you can make sure your place is safe and sound. You can even get notifications sent to your phone when movement is detected.

More innocently, it also means you don’t miss those Currys tech deliveries, and you can even use two-way communication to talk to the delivery driver. Away with you, non-smart doorbells.


Smart lights

From parties to daily schedules, smart lights have loads of uses. But did you know that they can make your home safer? Put your smart lights on a schedule when you’re away and it’ll make your house look like someone’s always in. Control it all from a smart home hub and you can even make your TV come on at a certain time. Now that’s very smart security!

More smart home security ideas? Check out our 5 top tech tips to make your home safer.


These are just a few ideas to get your smart home started, but there’s a whole world of smart tech to upgrade your home. From smart fridges that help you keep food fresh for longer to TV apps to help get you fit.

Check out our smart home hub for more inspiration.

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