Smart home

Tech to make your home smart

Smart homes are designed to make home life that much easier. From checking who’s at the front door with a smart doorbell to keeping the house at your perfect temperature with a smart thermostat. The smart home devices are here to stay.

Smarter and brighter

Ever jumped into bed and then remembered you’ve forgotten to turn the kitchen lights off? Or maybe you’re off on holiday and you want to switch on the living room lights to make it look like someone’s home. Connect your smart lighting to your smart home and you can do it all. You can even program your colour changing light bulb to suit your mood.

And if you want to switch lights and appliances on, off or set them for a certain time, smart plugs are a great solution. They’re even compatible with smart speakers like Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home – so you can just say “Hey Google, turn the coffee machine on” while you’re still in bed.

Smarter safety

For a secure house and peace of mind, you don’t have to hire a security team or install ugly cameras. Smart security cameras are simple to install and don’t stick out. Hook them up to your smart home and you can monitor your property from wherever you are.

And features like motion and heat detection, night vision and two-way communication mean you can keep your place safe without being there in person. That’s a relief!

Smart heating. Just the way you like it.

We’d all love to save money on our heating bills, and there’s a smart way to do it. Install a smart thermostat and it’ll learn when you need to put the heating on. You can also create smart schedules so that you’re only warming your home and heating water when it’s needed – so you’re not wasting money having it on when it’s not.

Because you can control it all from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, it means you can turn the heating on during that cold commute, so you arrive back to a toasty, welcoming home.

Who’s at the front door?

Worried that you’ll miss a delivery? Smart doorbells, are the answer. You’ll receive a notification when someone’s at the front door on your phone and you can check who it is there. That way, you can talk to the delivery person directly and tell them where to pop your package.
Smart doorbells come with cameras that give a great field of vision and some have motion detection, so you’ll always know if an unwelcome guest has been to your front door. Even if it’s next door’s cat!

Check on your little one

The same technology is also being used in a new generation of smart baby monitors. This means you check on your baby from your phone, talk to them or even get your monitor to sing a lullaby. This can be a massive help for new parents, letting them enjoy their precious moments of relaxation. And that’s just a little bit of what smart homes can really do. For more ideas, why not check out our Smart Home Buying Guide?

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