How to tell if you need a new fridge freezer

From sour milk to strange noises, here are some signs your fridge freezer might be on its last legs…

11 Feb 2021

Your fridge freezer does an incredibly important job in your home – keeping your food fresh for longer. But is it still working properly? Could it be time to upgrade to a new model? Here are some tell-tale signs that it might be time to look for a replacement…


1. Food goes off before its use-by date

There’s nothing worse than going into the fridge and discovering the milk’s turned sour, and the cheese is all mouldy. Especially when they haven’t even reached their use-by date.

Food going off quickly is a tell-tale sign your fridge is struggling to keep its temperature down. It’s especially noticeable in the warmer months, when it has to work harder to keep its cool.

There are a few reasons why your refrigerator might be struggling with its temperature:

  • The thermostat doesn’t work anymore.
  • The condenser coils are dusty or dirty – these are easy to clean once you know how, but if in doubt you’ll need to call a professional.
  • The fridge motor’s working overtime as the condenser coils are running too hot.

Before your weekly food bill goes through the roof, you might want to invest in a new fridge freezer that can keep its cool. Take a look at this LG American Style Smart Fridge Freezer. Its LINEARCooling and DoorCooling+ tech keep everything inside at an even temperature. So your food stays fresher for longer – nice work. Check out our review here.


2. Your energy bills are going up

A sudden spike in your monthly energy bills – when your day-to-day usage hasn’t changed – could be caused by faulty kitchen appliances. And fridge-freezers are the worst offenders, as they’re always on.

Investing in a newer model can be an expense upfront, but it’ll pay for itself in the long run. Keep an eye out for those with modern energy ratings, because they use a lot less energy than old fridge -freezers.


3. The inside is looking… frosty

A little bit of water or ice on the back wall of your fridge is perfectly normal. Any more than that, and you could have problems. A large build-up of ice that needs to be hacked away to make space for food could mean that the door seal is broken. Or, it could be something much more serious.

If you’re fed up of defrosting, go for this Kenwood American Style Fridge Freezer. Its frost-free design stops ice from building up.


4. It’s not cold

Here’s an obvious one! If your fridge isn’t cold (or if it even feels kind of hot) you’ve got a problem. It probably means the motor fan is broken and isn't doing its job. Replacing it is an option – but if the cost of the part and repair is too much, buying a new fridge-freezer could be your more cost-effective option.


5. It’s making strange noises

Your fridge freezer probably isn’t completely silent. It should quietly hum away while it does its thing. But if it’s making any other kinds of strange noises – we’re talking knocking, clattering and banging - you’ve got an issue. The motor shaft or compressor flywheel could have come loose, or a part could be on its way out – faulty compressors, condenser fans or condenser coils are common causes of a noisy refrigerator.

If you’d like to enjoy some piece and quiet in the kitchen, go for the Bosch Serie 4 60/40 Fridge Freezer with its quiet-running fan.


If your fridge-freezer is suffering from any of these issues and you want to replace it, check out our full range of fridge freezers.

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