Our guide to washing labels

Wonder what all those different symbols on your clothes labels mean? We explain with our infographic guide.

17 Nov 2015

Have you ever ignored the washing labels in your clothes and turned your white wash pink, shrunk your favourite jumper or melted your blouse because the iron was too hot?

Avoid laundry disasters with our infographic guide to the most common washing symbols.

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Check the labelling in your clothes and you’ll find symbols that show you how to care for the fabric.

To keep your favourite clothes in tip top condition, here’s how to wash, bleach, dry and iron each type of fabric – and when not to do these things at all.

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Choose a washing machine that gives you plenty of programme options for washing and spinning your clothes. One our experts love is the SAMSUNG ecobubble WF80F5E2W4X Washing Machine.

You’ll find a mode to suit you with 10 different settings – from baby care for sensitive skin to sturdy outdoor wear. Protect your fabrics while you wash them in the specially-designed drum. And to get your clothes squeaky clean while still saving energy, it uses ecobubble™ technology that makes a cool wash just as effective as a warm one.

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