Our pick of the best festive films on Netflix and Prime Video

Here’s our list of the Christmassy movies you’ll want to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video this year.

27 Nov 2019

Gone are the days where everyone eagerly waits to hear what movies will be on TV over the festive period. With so many streaming services out there, it’s never been easier to dive straight into the festive movies you want to see, whether you’re a fan of Love Actually or Die Hard (yes, it’s a Christmas film).

So, we’ve combed through Netflix and Amazon’s festive-flavoured flicks to give you our list of the best Christmas movies available to stream. And if you’re looking for a great new TV that’s perfect for streaming all those festive classics, check out the JVC Fire TV Edition.


Festive films for all the family

Who doesn't love a good festive feel-good film? Here are a couple of great movies to get the whole family in the Christmas spirit.


The Christmas Chronicles

Imagine spending Christmas Eve helping Santa deliver presents across the world. That’s exactly what happens to siblings Kate and Teddy when they try and catch Santa coming down the chimney in their home. When Santa finally sees Kate stowed away in the sleigh and loses control of the reindeer, he recruits the help of Kate and her brother Teddy to get every gift delivered before Christmas Spirit is gone. It’s not your average heart-warming Christmas story, but it’s a great spin that the whole family will love. And if that doesn’t convince you, Kurt Russell as Santa Claus certainly should. 


Watch The Christmas Chronicle on Netflix.

Prime Video:


Nativity! is the story of two schools that compete every year to produce the best nativity play. Only this year it’s different, as the teacher in charge of the play at St Bernadette’s Primary School (played by Martin Freeman) has told his opposite number at Oakmoor School that his production is being turned into a Hollywood movie. When his teaching assistant overhears, the lie snowballs and even gets reported in the local news. Paul now has to do everything he can to not only make his nativity play brilliant, but brilliant enough to get the attention of Hollywood. It’s funny, unmistakably British, and features a whole host of familiar faces from shows and movies you love. 


Watch Nativity! on Prime Video.


Christmas movies to keep the kids entertained

Looking for something to keep the little ones entertained? Check out our pick of the best kids festive films...


DreamWorks Holiday Classics

This one’s a little different as it’s three adventures in one. Bringing back favourite characters from Madagascar, Dragons and Shrek, there’s a great festive story for everyone. Join Shrek as he learns the meaning of Christmas while trying to find the perfect gift for Princess Fiona. Catch up with the gang from Madagascar as they deliver presents for Santa and help him get back home. Reunite with Hiccup and Toothless as they gear up to celebrate the winter holiday of Snoggletog. Each story is a Christmassy tale that’s guaranteed to get the kids in the festive spirit. 


Watch DreamWorks Holiday Classic on Netflix.

Angela’s Christmas

Based on Frank McCourt’s famous memoir, Angela’s Ashes, Angela’s Christmas is an animated tale set in 1914, about a girl’s desire to make sure everyone feels safe and loved at Christmas time. On Christmas Eve in Limerick, Angela heads to church with her mother. Upon seeing the baby Jesus in the crib, she decided the baby must be cold and needs to be warm. Angela decides to take the doll from the crib, but soon realises she must return it and face the consequences. It’s a superb children’s story, and adults will love it too. And if you’re a fan of The Cranberries, the film also features the last official recording of Dolores O-Riordan, making it an even more poignant watch. 


Watch Angela’s Christmas on Netflix.


Christmas comedies for the grown-ups

And, once you've packed the little ones off to bed, time for a little grown-up telly...

Prime Video:

The Holiday

Since it hit the cinemas in 2006, The Holiday has cemented itself as a must-watch festive classic. Set both in London and Los Angeles, the film is set around Iris Simpkins and Amanda Woods, who have recently broken up with their partners and decide to get away for Christmas and swap homes and lives for two weeks. When they get there, they both find romance with people in each other’s lives, and begin to fully immerse themselves in the other’s drastically different lifestyle. It’s one of the best romantic Christmas movies and features a huge cast including Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. What’s not to love? 


Watch The Holiday on Prime Video.

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