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The Xbox One comes equipped with a perfectly good controller, but that doesn’t mean the dedicated gamers among you can’t enhance their gaming experience by exploring our collection of Xbox One controllers.

Whether you simply want a second controller or you’re eager to see what a spicedup pad can do for your gaming prowess, we recommend a perusal of our Xbox One controllers. You’ll find both wired and wireless Xbox One controllers in an array of styles. And if you’re keen to colour co-ordinate your gaming setup we’ve got red and blue Xbox controllers in an array of stylish shades. Perfect for the style-conscious gamer.

If performance is a priority, look no further than the coveted Xbox One Elite controller, which promises to give you the edge over your mates. This Microsoft manufactured gamepad – otherwise known as the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless controller – comes equipped with an array of performance enhancing features, including upgraded thumbsticks that are adjustable so you can change the tension to suit your gaming style and voice command functionality.

Beyond Microsoft’s own efforts, our gaming collection also features Xbox One controllers from Powera and Thumbmaster, as well as Razer’s feature-packed Wolverine Ultimate Gamepad. Featuring next-level customisation and lighting effects that react to your gameplay, this beast of a controller is bound to appeal to serious gamers.

When you’re playing Xbox One top games you want a top Xbox One controller to boss your way through to the end. And that’s precisely what we’ve got for you right here.

A wired Xbox One controller like the Enhanced Wired Gamepad gives you a secret weapon – well, two in fact – and that’s the extra two mappable buttons on the back. Map them in seconds for those crucial character switches. Your opponents won’t know what’s hit them. Possibly quite literally. The beauty of a wired gamepad is that, even with a cheap Xbox One controller, you get a reliable connection and a lower input lag, so you won’t cut out mid-game, plus your moves register faster. Double win.

Of course, with an Xbox One wireless controller you’re free to sit (or perch, or stand, or hop – whatever floats your boat) wherever you like, with considerable range capabilities – twice as far as previous models, no less. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection you can even use it with a PC or Windows tablet. With a remappable button you can programme it to suit your gaming quirks. Connect your headset and you’re good to go. They come in a rainbow of colours plus classic black and white to suit your style.

Want to make more changes to suit your exact gameplay style? You can adjust the custom Xbox One Elite 2 controller in so many ways. Allocate voice commands. Customise the keys. Switch out the paddle sets and thumbsticks – you can even change their tension. Keep gaming for up to 40 hours thanks to the extended battery life – or, you know, take a break to sleep, by all means.

Playing on a different model from the Microsoft consoles range? Then take a look at all Xbox controllers in our collection. And then treat yourself to an Xbox Live Membership subscription.

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