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Apple unveils some AirPods Max magic

It's everything we love about AirPods... over ear!


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When Apple AirPods were first released back in 2016, they became one of Apple’s most popular and best-selling accessories. Great sound went wireless!

They came with great features – from pausing your track just by taking them out to activating Siri with your voice... on the second gen. We even featured them with our How to use Apple AirPods.

So, when we found at that Apple had released an over-ear version of their now iconic AirPods, we had to find out more. And we're not disappointed!

So, if you can’t go a day without your fave playlist or podcast, listen up!

Sound quality

Although we could tell you about the 40mm Apple-designed dynamic driver and a dual neodymium motor, we’re guessing what you’d actually know is: do they sound good?

The answer is yes! Apple’s smart engineering means you can hear every note of that power ballad. Expect deep bass, an accurate mid-range and clean, crisp highs. It’s all about removing distortion and delivering some amazing audio effects – thanks to Apple’s H1 chip.

With that power under the cups, you’ll get Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation, spatial mode and more. And if you're not up on audio jargon, all this is there so that your AirPods adapt to you – leaving you with the best listening experience possible.

And this isn’t just about that mind-blowing album or movie on the go. Even taking a phone call or listening to your regular podcast is seriously levelled up.

Super comfy

There’s no arguing with the amazing sound possible with over ear headphones, but comfort can sometimes be a concern. And that’s the problem for a lot of over-ear headphones: wear them for too long and you might find them irritating your ears.

That’s what seems exciting about these new over-ear AirPods. For starters, they have a breathable knit mesh canopy along the headband which is designed to distribute weight and relieve pressure on your head.

Ear cups are also designed with a clever mechanism that keeps ear cup pressure from building up in one place. Throw in some memory foam and some more brilliant design tricks, and it looks like you’ll be able to wear these in comfort all day.

And the battery lasts

With such a powerful pair of headphones, battery life would likely be a concern. But the good news is that you get 20 hours of high-fidelity audio, talk time or movie playback.

So, you can take these headphones anywhere without worrying about suddenly losing sound. To help preserve power, the AirPods Max also come in their own unmistakable Smart Case.

How many colours?

Five colours have been announced – including space grey, silver, sky blue, green and pink. So you’ll likely find a pair that match your style.

Even more clever features

AirPods Max keep a lot of the same smart features we loved with the original AirPods, but there are some extra tricks that we had to mention.

Automatic switching

This lets you seamlessly move between an iPhone, iPad and Mac. So, if you’re playing music on a Mac through your headphones and you get a call on your iPhone – your AirPod Max headphones will automatically switch over. It feel like one of those features you’ll wonder how you ever did without!

Audio sharing

Got a mate with their own pair of AirPods? Then you can listen together and share an audio stream from an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple TV 4K. So, whether you're doing an impromptu silent disco or it's movie night, you can enjoy together!

And forget fiddly set ups. Just move your AirPods towards the device and connect with one tap.

Check out all of the Apple AirPods at Currys.

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