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How to make music at home

Got the gift to make beautiful music? Get everything you need to make it happen.


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To create amazing music, you don't need a kitted out music studio. Take producer Steve Lacy. He's created music for the likes of J Cole and Kendrick Lamarr. Despite having access to major studios, he still creates a lot of music just on his iPhone.

With the right tech, the right instruments and he right set up, it's totally possible to create fantastic music from wherever you are. And it's a lot easier to get that perfect set up when you break everything down into steps. So here's our guide to making music at home.

Find a space to set up your home studio

Whether it's a sound-proof underground bunker or (more likely) your bedroom, you need to find a space to write, record and edit your music. If you're planning to let rip on the guitar, it's a good idea to invest in some acoustic foam that you can attach to the wall. Not only will this help the recording quality (by cutting out echo and other background sounds) it'll also keep the neighbours sweet!

Get the right instruments

Whether it's keyboards, guitars or electric drum kits, it's worth investing in some musical instruments you'll keep coming back to. Don't know how to play? Don't let that hold you back. There are loads of free instrument lessons on YouTube or on plenty of downloadable apps - check out Flowkey or Uberchord. You'll also find paid services online. If that's not the kind of music you're looking to make, there are loads of samples you can download - both free and from subscription services.

Have stands everywhere

Until you start producing music, you won't understand the importance of a good stand. And whether it's to hold your lyrics or sheet music up so you can see it or find the sweet spot for your mic, music stands and microphone stands shouldn't be missed out. You'll try propping things up on a pile of books once, and then you'll take our word for it.

Get ready to record

If you want to make music that'll get the right attention (and who doesn't) take your recording equipment seriously. But that doesn't mean you have to shell out a fortune either. If you don't want to buy a load of microphones and all the connecting cables, you can get some surprisingly good USB microphones. They're super simple to connect up to your computer and are great value for the sound quality they capture. And while they may not be up to professional studio standard, they're easily good enough to nail that demo tape.


Don't forget headphones! You won't be able to hear yourself or the music you're playing without a great pair of headphones. Headphones are great at giving you a clear idea of what's being recorded. They're also vital for listening to midnight playbacks of what you've just laid down without waking up the rest of the house. Over ear headphones are generally the way to go.

Get the right laptop to produce music

Tech lets you do a lot of what was once only possible in a studio. You're going to want a speedy laptop with plenty of processing power and specs to handle top music software and high quality audio files. Sounds like a lot to take in? Actually, it's a whole article in itself. And that's why we've written about it. Check out the best laptops for music production.

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