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3 best tablets for travelling

Tablets are the perfect travel companion - but which one is right for you?


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Tablets fit a lot more tech into a lot smaller space, but the right tab to take with you on holiday depends on how you like to spend your hols. Book on the beach? Movie by the pool? Or just bragging to everybody back home on social media! Whatever you’re in to, here are 3 tabs to add to the bucket list…

For everyday computing

When you’ve already got a full suitcase, you really wouldn’t want to pack a camera, MP3 player, DVD player, books and maps as well. Fortunately, you won’t have to go over your baggage allowance - as you can take them all with you in one neat portable package.

This Acer 10” Tablet is a great all-round tablet and an ideal size for travelling. Watch movies, update your Instagram and book your next meal out on its 10-inch IPS display. The screen is large and vibrant enough for a movie marathon, but this Acer is a great all-rounder to take on your trip.

At only 490g, it’s light enough to slip into your hand luggage, and its 9.5-hour battery life can last a whole day of travelling. Its 32GB storage means you’ll have enough room for your fave apps and a few games, but the microSD card slot means you could throw on your film collection too!

For watching and streaming movies

Turn your tablet into a mini-cinema and kick back with a movie on the plane, at the hotel or by the pool. And if you’re a streamer, go for one with fast Wi-Fi connectivity and you won’t even have to miss your favourite Netflix shows while you’re away.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 seems like it’s made for movies! The combo of an 11-inch AMOLED display makes film and TV pop with colour and depth. And that 120 Hz refresh rate keeps the action smooth - perfect for a cheeky gaming session too! No need to take speakers to movie night - you’ll get three-dimensional audio thanks to the AKG tuned quad speakers with Dolby Atmos.

Not only can you load up several seasons of your favourite show (thanks to 128GB of storage) but there’s a slot for a microSD card to boot. With a WiFi 6E connection, you'll be able to stream nearly anywhere in the hotel. And then there’s its IP68 water-resistance too - just in case someone cannonballs into the pool!

For reading on the beach

Summer holidays are made for lazing on the beach or by the pool. And a riveting read only makes them better. Lugging a stack of books in your suitcase isn’t practical though. E-readers, on the other hand, fit neatly in your luggage and can store thousands of books. Go for one that’s light enough to comfortably hold, has a crisp screen that’s easy on the eyes and packs plenty of battery life.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a great all-round tablet, but makes a great e-reader too. Its Full HD display is crisp and clean, and its light and sleek enough that you can get stuck into a page-turner without getting tired hands. the 12-hour battery life lets you read until the sun goes down, plus there’s expandable storage for a whole library!

And when your done with reading, it’s great for games, streaming, calls home and just about anything you need a tablet to do. All powered by an octo-core processor for smooth running.

Whichever tab you take on your travels, be sure to add Care & Repair to your basket when you check out. That way, you’ll be covered for repairs or a replacement just in case you have a holiday mishap.

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