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5 games to get you fighting fit!

Olympics 2024, here you come…


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We had to wait a while, but the 2020 Olympics are finally here! There’s nothing quite like vegging out in front of the TV to watch athletes in peak physical condition. But sometimes the Olympics actually motivate us to (gasp) get off the sofa and start doing some moving of our own.

But, as we’re sure the Olympians will agree, sports can be hard. But, luckily, Nintendo and some other great game devs have found some ways to make it fun. And what could be more fitting for Tokyo 2020 than starting your fitness journey with one of Japan’s greatest national treasures!

Our top 5 fitness games on Nintendo Switch

1. Mario & Sonic and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Top of our list has obviously got to be the official Olympics game. Play as a whole bunch of different characters from both the Mario and Sonic franchise to get them on the winner’s podium. Essentially, it’s a selection of really fun mini games, which you can play either using button or motion controls. And with over 30 different events covering everything from the 100m dash to horse riding, you’re sure to find your fave Olympic sport there.

But how does it get you fit? Well, as we mentioned, you can choose to use motion controls. So, if you’re running you’d be holding both joy-con controllers and pumping your arms. Or if you’re playing tennis, swinging your controller like you’re holding a racket. You get the idea.

Plus, you can get your mates or family involved. There’s a multiplayer mode, so grab your joy con controllers and get moving!

2. Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit is basically the mac-daddy of fitness games, and for good reason. If you want to get a good cardio sesh in, this game will certainly help you get there. In fact, Ring Fit was so popular when gyms were closed during the pandemic, there was a shortage in loads of countries!

The key to Ring Fit’s effectiveness is the kit that comes with it. When you buy the game, you get a Ring-Con to slot one Joy-Con into and a Leg Strap to hold your other Joy-Con. These control your in-game movements, like jumping, running and everything else!

The aim of the game is to explore and fight your way through a bunch of dungeons to defeat Dragaux, a body-building dragon. But to do that, you’re going to need to move. A lot. To attack an enemy, you need to do one of thirty different exercises – either an arm, a leg, a core, or a yoga move. So you’re pretty much guaranteed a full body workout.

3. Just Dance 2021

If the goal is to work out without feeling like you’re working out, you’re onto a winner with Just Dance. Your on-screen avatar busts a move to a whole host of dance party bangers (think Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello) while you copy them. And, of course, you’ve got your trust Joy-Cons in hand to make sure you don’t miss a beat.

You can keep it solo to dance like nobody’s watching (because no-one is) or you can get up to 6 of your mates involved. You’ll have got your blood pumping and something to show off for your next TikTok video. Result!

4. Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

Ever heard of boxercise? It’s based on the kind of training pro boxers do, kind of like a mix between boxing and aerobics. It’s great for both weight loss and toning, since you’re getting a healthy dose of cardio and strength-training. But who’s got the time or the money for an expensive gym class? Instead, you can punch the air repeatedly from the comfort of your living room.

With Fitness Boxing 2 there’s no real story line or quest to complete, but what it does deliver is an awesome workout. While holding a Joy-Con in each hand, the game will tell you when to punch and track your movement. Plus, each of the routines are set to popular songs which really helps you get into the swing of things. Literally.

5. Jump Rope Challenge

This cute little mini-game is super simple and totally free. It’s got a sweet little backstory too. A small group of Nintendo devs actually created it for themselves while WFH during the pandemic. Like most of us, they figured they needed to get a little more movement in after sitting at their desk all day. And so Jump Rope Challenge was born.

Here’s how it works: you hold a Joy-Con in each hand, pretending each one is the handle of a skipping rope and jump. As you jump your imaginary rope, the counter will go up – encouraging you to keep beating your personal high-score. You can even play with a friend.

Worried about your downstairs neighbours? You can bend your knees and move your arms for a low-impact version.

Who said fitness wasn't fun?

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