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Introducing the Oculus Quest 2!

Want to know what the fuss is with VR? Check out what the new Quest 2 can do...


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VR just gets better and better every year. All those dreams of actually being inside a game? They’re becoming a reality. Facebook have just announced the Oculus Quest 2. And it looks incredible.

Like the Oculus Quest, it’s a standalone all-in-one virtual reality set. That means as long as you have the VR set a smartphone or PC with the app downloaded, you’re ready to go. No extra equipment needed.

It comes with controllers and a headset that let you interact with in-game worlds as though you’re really there. Move in real life and you’ll take a step in the game. Reach out with the controller and you’ll see your character’s hand in front of you. It’s that simple.

But there are some huge upgrades too. This is VR as you’ve never seen it before. The audio and graphical upgrades make games look even more lifelike. There’s a more comfortable design to minimise distractions. And, most exciting of all, there are some huge titles joining the Oculus library.

VR but supercharged

More processing power

An impressive headset needs an impressive processor. And that’s exactly what Oculus have delivered.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 was originally created for high-performance gaming phones. Now it’s been adapted specifically for the Quest to deliver double the CPU and GPU performance. In other words, double the power.

The Quest 2 will be able to handle bigger and better games. It’ll load them faster and render them more quickly so that your movements happen in real time.

Their best ever display

This is the highest resolution headset the Oculus team have ever made. With 50% more pixels, you’ll get an Ultra HD experience. A super clear, crisp picture will make your games really come to life, showing even tiny details.

3D cinematic sound

You’ve got the range of movement and the sound to match. The sound adapts as you move, so if you turn the audio will reflect that – making worlds feel even more responsive and real.

Keep your head in the game

A lighter headset

Who needs distractions when you’ve got enemies to fight? To let you play more comfortably, Quest 2 has a 10% lighter headset and a soft head strap. Marathon sessions are more immersive and the headset’s more portable too! So if you want to play VR party games at your mate’s house, you can easily bring the Quest 2 along.

Improved controllers

See ya hand cramp. The new Quest 2 controllers have a new ergonomic design to keep you moving. There are better haptics too. So you can actually feel what’s going on in-game, not just see it.

Endless worlds

Brand new titles

We already know that Oculus has best content library of any VR system. And it’s about to get a whole lot more impressive. Imagine free-running with a stunning open world all round you. Or sneaking your way through a covert mission. Well imagine no more, because Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell are coming to VR. That and a whole load of other huge titles, indie gems and incredible experiences are available with Oculus.

Get fit while you play

It’s no surprise that all the extra movement you get with VR makes it a great choice for fitness. But what if you want more detail on just how many calories you’re burning? Facebook are introducing Oculus Move, an app that tracks your progress and fitness goals while you’re playing your favourite games. Having fun while burning off last night’s pizza? Yes please.

Want to step into the world of VR?

Shop the new Oculus Quest 2 now.

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