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6 hassle-free appliances for easy living

Smart washing machines and ovens that take the hassle out of housework.


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a man in red sweater adjusting hotpoint activecare nm11 washing machine door

Hotpoint ActiveCare NM11 washing machine

There’s no need to crank up the temperature to tackle stubborn stains. With ActiveCare tech, the Hotpoint NM11 washing machine tackles over 100 stains including food grease, wine, and makeup at just 20°C. It pre-mixes water and detergent to create a stain-busting mousse, which increases washing power by up to 60% and deep cleans without hot water. So, you’ll save a bit on your energy bills and protect your clothes.

a man in a blue jacket is taking food out of a hisense hi6 blackline airfry smart oven

Hisense Hi6 BlackLine AirFry smart oven

Nothing’s better than a big Sunday roast. And this Hisense Hi6 BlackLine smart oven, with its spacious 77 litre capacity and 5 cooking levels lets you take on a big roast chicken (or whatever you fancy) and all the trimmings. And with Air Fry Mode, you get crispy fries and chicken wings while cutting right back on oil. Same crunch, less fat!

a person holding up a smart phone in a kitchen with hoover h-wash 350 wi-fi washing machine in background

Hoover H-Wash 350 Wi-Fi washing machine

Staying on top of laundry can be tough – especially when you’re washing for an army! But with Hoover's H-Wash 350 Wi-Fi washing machine and hOn app, you can schedule wash cycles (even when you're out), monitor their progress, and get a heads up when they're done — all from your phone. More than 60 specialised cycles suit every type of fabric and the app is packed with tips to help you save energy too.

a woman is putting clothes into a haier i-pro series 5 washing machine

Haier I-Pro Series 5 washing machine

Get a washing machine that won’t let you down. The Haier I-Pro Series 5 has a Direct Motion Motor that's attached straight to the drum instead of needing a belt, which reduces vibrations to extend its life and create less noise. So, you can even do night-time loads without waking up the house. It comes with a 5-year warranty too, so you know it’s built to last.

a person holding a phone next to a bosch series 8 i-dos wi-fi washing machine

Bosch Series 8 i-DOS Wi-Fi washing machine

If you’re always guessing about the amount of detergent, the Bosch Series 8 i-DOS washing machine does all the thinking for you thanks to its i-DOS tech. Just fill up the compartment with detergent and the machine will sort out the rest! Detergent Scan gives you soft and comfy clothes, even if you live in a hard water area. Just use the Home Connect app on your phone to scan your detergent and softener bottles, and it'll send the best washer settings right to the machine. Easy!

a woman kneeling down in front of a neff n70 slide and hide electric pyrolytic oven opening it

Neff N70 Slide&Hide electric pyrolytic oven

The Neff N70 oven makes loading and taking dishes out easy and safe with its Slide&Hide door. It smoothly slides away under the oven, letting you baste, season, and stir your food without anything getting in the way. No more awkwardly bending over that red-hot door as you check on your grub! Its pyrolytic self-cleaning uses high temperatures to burn away food oil and fat, which you can then easily wipe away with just a damp cloth. No elbow grease required…

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