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How to give your home a deep clean

Helpful advice for a spotless house, from top to bottom…


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A proper deep clean is great for hygiene, and it helps you stay positive too – when your home’s absolutely spotless, it suddenly feels like a more pleasant space to spend some time in. We’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you get started…

Go from top to bottom

Start off by dusting things high up. If you’ve got a lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner, use it to get into the corners of your ceiling.

Now work your way down from the ceiling. Do the tops of cabinets. Unplug the fan and clean its blades. Give your curtains a clean, and if you’ve got blinds get every single one spotless. It’s not an easy job, but this is a deep clean remember.

Wipe down cabinets, cupboards and other surfaces. Then finish at the bottom by cleaning all your skirting boards.

Clean your appliances

Now clean all your appliances. Not only does this keep everything hygienic, but it should also help them last longer. So, for example, clean the crumbs out of your toaster tray, descale your kettle, wipe the inside of your microwave and change the filters in your water jugs.

While you’re in the kitchen, give your dishes a clean. We’re not talking just talking about those dirty dishes in the sink. This is a deep clean remember, so empty all your cupboards, and get every last plate, pot, pan and item of cutlery out. We’re going to clean the lot.

When it comes to choosing your dishwasher cleaning programme, don’t go for any economy, super-quick or low-heat options. Go for the longest, hottest clean available – you won’t be doing this every week, remember. Your dishwasher might also use tech that takes care of sensitive skin and removes allergens – Bosch’s Allergy+ tech does exactly that.

If you’ve got a self-cleaning oven, it’ll save you loads of time and effort. You’re not going to be elbow deep in grime or scrubbing hard at anything. Instead, you’ll be taking it easy while your oven does the hard work.

The self-cleaning function is known as ‘pyrolytic cleaning’, and works by heating the insides of your oven up to 500ºC. At that temperature, grease is burnt off the sides, and any other scraps of food are reduced to a pile of ash. All you need to do is sweep it away at the end of the cleaning programme (after it’s cooled down). You’ll probably want to give your oven racks and door a quick wipe too.

Wash anything you touch

It’s never been more important to keep the things you touch regularly clean. This includes anything from door and cabinet handles to devices like tablets and phones.

Just one word of warning - don’t use household cleaners on your devices. Always make sure you’re using cleaners that are safe to use.

Clean your mattress

You probably change your sheets regularly, but when was the last time you cleaned your mattress?

To do it properly give it a thorough vacuum, then wipe it down, and finish off by using disinfectant spray on it. If you want to go the extra step you can run an iron over it on a steam setting – this should help get rid of any remaining dust mites.

Hit the floor

Do your floors last. Go for a cordless vacuum like a Dyson and you’ll be able to get into all those nooks and crannies without being held back. These hoovers are lightweight enough for you to lift up and give your ceiling corners a quick going over too. And when the jobs done, you can keep germs to a minimum with a point-and-shoot bin emptying mechanism. It lets you safely eject your debris into the bin without it getting near your hands.

For even more hygienic floor cleaning, go for a steam cleaner. These neat little gadgets shoot out jets of hot steam to break down grease and kill 99.9% of bacteria. Use it like a normal mop, and it sanitises as it goes. Some have a detachable hand-held steamer so you can also blitz your sink, oven and bins.

Job done. Sit back, and enjoy your clean home!

For more house cleaning tips, it's over to our Currys colleague George...

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