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Looking for a top-rated hair dryer? To find the best hair dryer, you’ll need something that suits your lifestyle and your hair type. If you like to glam up and hit the town every weekend, it’s worth going for one with all the extra bells and whistles. While if you’ve been blessed with natural curls, look out for a dryer that’s built for tackling those tangles.

And you can stop combing through pages and pages of products - because we’ve done the hard work for you. So, here’s a few of our favourite hair dryers that are a cut above the rest…

What to look for in a hair dryer

First though, what features make a good hair dryer? Here’s a quick list of things that you should probably have a think about…

  • Power/wattage – A higher wattage means more power and faster drying. Look for a dryer with at least 1800 watts for the best performance.

  • Heat settings – Adjustable heat settings are great for drying different types of hair and styling it. They can also help to stop any heat damage.

  • Speed settings – Tweaking the speed lets you control the airflow. And that’s useful for everything from quick drying to precise styling.

  • Ionic tech – This clever technology breaks down water molecules way faster. Which reduces frizz, speeds up drying time and leaves your hair smoother and shinier.

  • Ceramic or tourmaline tech – These dryers spread heat out more evenly, lowering the chance of damaging your hair.

  • Cool shot button – This button helps to set your style in place by firing out a burst of cool air. Keeping your hair looking good for longer while adding some extra shine too.

  • WeightLightweight dryers are perfect for when you’re off on holiday. And they won’t knacker out your arm during those long styling sessions either!

  • Attachments – With extra attachments you can do more with your hair. A diffuser is brilliant for bringing out your natural curls. Need to be accurate instead? A concentrator nozzle will help you nail that tricky look.

  • Removeable air filter – These are a lot easier to clean which will keep your hair dryer running properly for years.

  • Noise level – If the kids are sleeping, but you still need to get ready to go out, try and find a quiet hair dryer. Some are a lot louder than others.

  • Budget – You don’t always need to spend a ton to get a great hair dryer. Think about what you can realistically afford and the features you can’t do without.

Best budget hair dryer

Even though it’s on the cheaper side of things, the Panasonic Nanoe is still a real looker. And it doesn’t just dry your hair. It’s got a super cool trick up its sleeve. While you dry, it coats special ions onto every strand and lock, leaving it moisturised and smooth as silk. So, that new style is going to feel just as good as it looks!

Let’s say you’re heading off on a big night out and the Uber’s turned up early. Uh oh. Don’t panic. Just clip on the quick dry nozzle after your shower, and you’ll get dazzling results in a fraction of the time. With 2000 watts of power under the hood, it’ll make light work of even the thickest hair as well.

Best professional hair dryer

For a seriously stunning hair dryer, we’d go for the Dyson Supersonic. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you’ve got either. The eggheads over at Dyson have engineered it to suit and style every type. Straight. Thin. Thick. Curly. Bouncy. All of them are covered. And you won’t have to worry about heat damage. Smart heat control crunches the numbers and measures the temperature 40 times every second. So, there’s no chance of burning, and your hair stays looking fab.

You’ll be armed with a hairdresser’s worth of attachments here. There are five to pick from and experiment with. From the wide-tooth comb – ideal for coily and curly locks – to the gentle air attachment, designed especially for sensitive scalps. Whatever the styling scenario, one of these will do the job. Giving you that salon quality finish!

Best travel hair dryer

Searching for a hair dryer for your next summer holiday? The PIFCO Diamond Dry is the perfect travel buddy. And it’ll take up barely any room in your suitcase. It’s packing a foldable handle, so you can easily bring it along – leaving plenty of space for any other beauty gadgets you need. Plus, because it hardly weighs anything, you won’t even know it’s there when you’re carrying your luggage about. Nice.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rush to make that dinner reservation either. With three heat settings and two speeds, you can quickly create a stunning style. And when it’s ready, lock in all that silkiness and shine with a quick blast from the cool shot button.

Best hair dryer for curly hair

Yes, you can actually get a special hair dryer for curly hair. Pretty cool, right? One of our favourites is the Shark SpeedStyle Curly & Coily. And it does exactly what it says on the box. Thanks to ultra-high-speed drying, coily, tangled hair will dry in only a few minutes. Perfect for when you’ve overslept but need to look presentable for that important work meeting!

You won’t have to put up (and faff around) with flyaways either. The RapidGloss Finisher tool uses the Coanda effect – a clever bit of science basically – to attract any unruly hairs and flatten out that frizz. It’s honestly a life saver.


Which hair dryer is least damaging?

Dryers with ionic tech will be the most gentle on your hair. Because they break down any water molecules extremely fast, you don’t have to spend as much time drying. This means smoother and less damaged hair in the long run. It’s a win-win!

Tourmaline and ceramic dryers are a good shout too. They spread the heat out evenly – preventing any hot spots, which can really ruin your hair. These materials also use infrared heat, which is a lot gentler on any kind of hair type. If you can afford a hair dryer with this kind of tech, it’s definitely worth it!

Do I really need an expensive hair dryer?

Not at all. While the pricier hair dryers do come with advanced features and cutting-edge tech, you can still bag a budget dryer that’ll get the job done. And if you only have simple styling needs (or won’t use it that much), you don’t really need to shell out on an expensive hair dryer anyway.

Which hair dryer brand is best?

This really depends on what you actually want out of it. Have a think about your hair type and styling needs before you buy one. Then pick a dryer with the right features that match them. The likes of Dyson, Remington, BaByliss, Panasonic and Grundig all make quality hair dryers to suit loads of different budgets. So, have a browse to find the best rated hair dryer and see what works for you.

If you want even more of the best hair dryers, then check out our full range of hair dryers. And we’ve got you covered with other essential beauty gadgets too. Finish off your look with the ultimate guide to the best hair straighteners. And if you’re taking that new style even further, here’s how to cut your own hair.

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