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How quick washing machines are better for the environment

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If you’ve done your fair share of laundry days, you’ll know that washing takes time. And while you’re probably not washing your clothes by hand in a bucket, the most popular cycles still take hours to complete.

Don’t get us wrong. Longer programmes are still great for things that need a thorough clean – think bed sheets or towels. They also are the best option for full loads and for hotter washes where you need to remove allergens – like dust mites.

But most of our clothes have probably only had a single wear and will only need a quick wash to be good to go again. And the less energy and water we’re using, the better for us and the planet.

What is quick wash?

This is where quick wash comes to the rescue. You can get your clothes clean in as little as 15 minutes to an hour while using far less water. This is especially useful if you need that favourite shirt for a hot date. Or maybe you’ve had some clothes in the drawer for a while and you just want to freshen them up a little.

Quick wash has a shorter spin time and uses cooler water – which means you’re saving on your energy bills. According to washing experts Ariel, quick wash uses 60% less energy and 40% less water when compared to a regular cotton cycle.

That’s great news for the environment. say that washing machines account for 10% of water used in the average UK household. And by reducing our water and energy consumption, we can reduce our impact on the environment.

Tackles fresh stains

If you’ve just spilled wine or coffee over an outfit, whip it off and get it in on quick wash with some stain remover. You can even tackle tougher stains as long as you up the amount of detergent and bump the temperature up to at least 40˚C. If your stains are longer established, you’re better off using a special setting for that.

Brilliant for taking care of colours

And because quick wash works at a lower temperature, it’ll also protect your coloured clothes from running. As you can adjust the temperature on quick wash, it means you can keep the temperature down to make doubly sure – 20–30˚C is about right. And you’re doing your bit to be greener. A wash cycle at 20°C consumes around 70% less electricity than one at 60°C.

Looks after your machine

A shorter cycle with fewer clothes means less wear and tear on your washing machine – which in turn should mean a longer life.

Quick wash tip: if you’re putting heavier garments on quick wash, you might find them coming out wet at the end of the cycle. That’s because the spin cycle is a lot shorter. Not to worry. Just use a spin cycle to remove any extra water – you’ll still find it quicker than a regular setting.

Which washing machines have quick wash?

Here are some top washing machines that wash without the wait...

LG 9kg TurboWash washing machine

LG's TurboWash is like a regular cycle but comes in at only 59 minutes. Plus, it cuts down water and energy use by up to 17%! TurboWash uses clever AI to optimise itself for every load. It’s good to have an on-demand laundry expert in your home!

Bosch 9kg i-Dos washing machine

Bosch’s answer is Super Quick – which lets you freshen up clothes in 15 or 30 minutes. And it doesn’t stop there. There’s also an extra mode called SpeedPerfect which cuts down washing time – 65% in fact. No more waiting around!

Hoover 9kg H-Wash 500 washing machine

Your clothes are ready in a jiffy with Rapid Wash and you can do a larger load in 59 minutes with its quick wash setting. According to Hoover, you can get a smaller 1.5kg washed at 30ºC in 14 minutes. That’s fast!

Want some more laundry day tips? Find out how to pick the right washing machine settings for your clothes.

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