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The best cameras for travelling and festivals

Hitting Glastonbury or going travelling? Make sure you have no regrets over your summer or the camera you choose to document it with our guide…


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With university finished or some well-deserved annual leave from your job, you want to pack some cool experiences into your summer.

Travel may well be at the centre of that. Whether trekking the Great Wall of China, lazing on a Phuket beach or moshing at Glasto – you want to remember this as the summer of no regrets.

Make sure you do remember those incredible moments too with a camera designed to suit you.

Capture your bucket-list adventures in amazing detail

When you need a camera that’s up to the job of capturing stunning details and vivid colours, a mirrorless camera makes a great choice because you get all the power of a professional DSLR without all the heavy kit.

Choose: Mirrorless camera

The Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera comes with a wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, so you can capture everything from local flora to huge landscapes. And, because it’s mirrorless, all this tech is packed into a small body which won’t break your back to carry around.

Look out for:

Fully connected with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Intuitive touchscreen and viewfinder for lining up the perfect shot

Wide-angle zoom and telephoto lens for the best photos in any situation

APS-C sensor captures photos up to 24.1 megapixels, so they’re always packed with detail and colour

Get the Canon EOS M50 Mark II mirrorless camera

Super-portable for backpack travellers

You’re travelling with only your backpack – all you have is T-shirts, pants, blow-up pillows and paperwork. There’s no room for bulky camera accessories.

Choose: High performance compact camera

With the latest technology you can get excellent picture quality in a pocket-sized package. With a high performance compact camera you’ll get much better shots to your smartphone.

Look out for:

Built-in Wi-Fi and phone app for sharing your photos to Instagram

Versatile lens for wider range and awesome detail

Small and light enough to fit in your jacket pocket

1-inch CMOS sensor for DSLR-quality photos

Reduced noise when taking the shot, so you can discretely capture that amazing wildlife action photo

Get the Canon G7 X Mark II

For outdoor movie making

If a picture says a thousand words, then movies must be worth millions. You want to capture all your on-the-go escapades, whether you’re going biking through the forest or trekking the longest distance between stages at a festival.

Choose: Action camera

For those who prefer adventure on their holidays instead of laying on the beach, an action camera is the best way to capture all your escapades.

Look out for:

Hypersmooth Image stabilisation for minimum shakiness

Voice control to adjust settings without messing up the shot

Live streaming capabilities so your mates can follow your adventures in real-time

Time Warp mode for creating time-lapse videos on the move

SuperPhoto setting for amazing portrait shots

Whether it’s scaling mountain heights or exploring the ocean depths while scuba-diving, you can catch it all on camera to create some unforgettable memories.

Get the GoPro

Robust and built to last for all weathers

If it can withstand a few knocks in case you get jostled around in a mosh pit, and is waterproof so a downpour won’t stop you in your tracks, you’ll be happy with a hybrid.

Choose: Action-Compact camera hybrid

As we’re all aware, the weather in the UK can be a bit hit or miss, so you’ll want a camera that’s ready for anything but can still capture great shots.

The Fujifilm XP140 tough compact camera was built with photography and the great outdoors in mind. Maybe not festivals specifically, but this rugged little camera is certainly perfect for the job. And, now that you’ve got a camera to snap all the best memories, you won’t kill your precious phone battery and have to pay any costly recharging fees.

Look out for:

Tough design for photos in any conditions

High-performance sensor to create the best photos

Full-HD video capabilities for filming that mosh pit

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity to make sharing easy

Secure grip with just one hand for greater freedom when out and about

Get the Fujifilm XP140 Tough Compact Camera

Not found your one? Browse our cameras and camcorders.

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