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What is a DSLR camera?

Frustrated by your digital camera? Want total creative control over your photography? It’s time to go DSLR…


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Feel like you’ve outgrown your current compact camera? You’ve shared some good times – captured holiday memories, celebrated the kids’ first birthdays and even taken a few selfies down the pub together. But now you’re ready for something bigger and better.

Then check out DSLR. It’ll capture the fastest moving action shot while giving you total creative control over the end result. With a DSLR you’ll enjoy photographs rich in detail, colour and texture.

Here’s all you need to know about DSLR cameras…

What is a DSLR?

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. It’s the camera of choice for pro photographers and experienced amateurs alike.

You can change lenses to create different effects and take control of aperture and shutter speed.

How does a DSLR camera work?

Inside a DSLR is a mirror and a prism inside – giving you a more accurate view of the scene you’re shooting.

What you see in the viewfinder is exactly what the lens sees. The mirror and prism use light to bounce the image from the lens to the viewfinder.

Then the clever tech kicks in with the digital sensor and camera’s processor turning what you see into a photo and saving it onto the memory card.

Five reasons you may be ready for a DSLR

1. You want to capture every detail

Whether it’s the reflection in someone’s eye or a bead of sweat on an athlete – the more detail captured, the closer to real life your picture will be.

Thanks to large image sensors DSLRs can capture way more detail than a compact digital camera. A large sensor lets in more light – just like the retina of your eye – which results in higher definition and better quality.

2. You want to be more creative

Most DSLRs have point-and-click automatic settings. But for more creative photography you’ll need to take control of aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance.

Adjust aperture and you can create what photographers call bokeh (pronounced BOH-kay or sometimes BOH-k?) – a shallow depth of field and blurring of the background.

Decrease the shutter speed and you instantly create an unnaturally dark and imposing photo.

Here’s how you can use aperture, ISO and shutter speed to great photographic effect

3. You like different photographic styles

If you want to shoot different types of photography – from wildlife to extreme close-up portraits – then a DSLR is the way to go.

Interchangeable lenses are great for versatility, each creating a specific effect.

You can…

  • Choose a wide lens for panoramic landscapes or group shots

  • Zoom-in on wildlife with a telephoto lens

  • Use a macro lens for extreme close-ups of insects and flower buds

4. You want to walk on the wild side

Whether it’s an owl spreading its wings in full-flight or a lion on the Serengeti, wildlife photography grabs the attention.

DSLRs perfectly capture these moments with a combination of manual controls and different lenses.

Adjust your camera’s shutter speed and ISO to freeze an animal as it runs or flies. Or use a telephoto lens to get you closer to the action.

5. You want to work from dusk ‘til dawn (in all weathers)

If you want to take photos when lighting is low – like sunset and sunrise – then a DSLR is a great option.

Large sensors mean a high ISO range, so your camera will capture more light and give better results even in poor light conditions.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re shooting in the pouring rain or on a dusty beach – most DSLRs are weatherproofed against rain, snow, moisture and heat.

Think you’re ready to invest in a DSLR? Then here are some great options…

Nikon D3400

Compact, lightweight and packed with punch. The D3400 is a great intro into the world of the DSLR.

Move beyond snapshots and start shooting dazzling HD movies and stills thanks to its large 24.2-megapixel sensor.

It can even take up to 1200 shots on just one battery charge.

SnapBridge technology uses Bluetooth to keep the D3400 constantly hooked up to your smartphone or tablet so you can share your best shots instantly.

Check out Nikon DSLR cameras

Canon EOS 4000D

Looking for your first DSLR? Canon has created a great entry-level camera with the EOS 4000D.

Build your confidence with its guided mode that gives you onscreen previews and advice on settings. And play around with its two interchangeable lenses – a standard and a telephoto zoom – and practice different techniques.

Download the Canon Connect app and you can even control your camera remotely – allowing you to take shots from more interesting angles

And to top it all off it takes brilliant photos and movies with professional looking background blur.

Take a look at Canon DSLR cameras

Find the perfect DSLR for you

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