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Control your lighting from your phone with Philips Hue smart bulbs

Find out what Philips Hue can do for you and your home, whether you want to save some time and money, or upgrade home security.


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First thing on a cold, dark morning, do you find yourself sliding your hand around the wall searching for the light switch? Or maybe you forgot to turn the lights off when you left the house?

Smart home lighting, like Philips Hue, helps you save energy, money and time. It can improve your home security too, for a little extra peace of mind.

With Philips Hue you can…

  • Connect up to 50 bulbs around the house, and control them all from your phone with the Hue app.

  • Dim lights or turn them on or off from almost anywhere.

  • Upgrade your home security – set timers for lights to come on when it gets dark, or while you’re away.

  • Integrate lighting into your smart home with Amazon Echo or Nest Learning Thermostat.

Increase your home's kerb appeal

Smart lighting doesn’t just save you energy. According to Deloitte, around two-thirds of people think connected devices make life easier, so having it in your home can help if the time comes to sell.

28% of buyers told Barclays that property would be more appealing if it had connected technology, and they’d be prepared to spend an extra £3,000 or more (on average) for a house equipped with the latest technology. Something that can decrease the stress, and increase the value, might be worth the investment.

Use smart lighting to keep your home secure

We recommend timer switches to turn lights on and off when you’re away, so your house appears to be occupied. But, who really turns their lights on and off at exactly the same time every day?

The Philips Hue app lets you customise your lighting routine for different days of the week, so no more worrying about leaving the lights on – or off.

Find out more about investing in a smart home

Kick-start your Philips Hue Kit

The Philips Hue Starter Kit comes with three wireless LED bulbs and a ‘bridge’, which keeps everything connected. Your home’s smart lighting system can be up and running in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fit the bulbs into your existing light fittings, then turn them on at the wall.

  2. Plug your bridge – the small white box with lights on top – into a power socket and connect it to your router using the network cable. The three lights should turn Blue.

  3. Download the Philips Hue app on your phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Just follow the instructions on the app and you’ll be in control of your smart lighting system right away.

Choosing your Philips Hue bulbs and lighting

Find the perfect lighting for you, with a choice of three bulb colours – Hue White, Hue White Ambiance, and Hue White and Colour Ambiance.

The Colour Ambiance bulbs fill your home with:

  • Any shade of natural white light– from energising daylight to a relaxing warm ambience.

  • A choice of 16 billion colours from the Hue app-create vibrant lighting to suit any mood.

  • Perfect soft light for bookworms or evening workers.

Beyond bulbs? What about Philips LightStrips?

You can have subtle backlight anywhere, by lining shelves, kitchen cabinets or the length of your hallway with these flexible LED light strips.

Each one is 2 metres long, with the option to extend up to 10 metres if you need a little more.

Get Hue LightStrip Plus

Light where you need it

Create the right ambience in any part of your home or garden with the portable Philips Hue Go. Or, you can keep it plugged in at your bedside to wake you up gently with light. If you hate the sound of alarms blaring in the morning, this is a great solution.

Get more from Hue with Amazon Echo and Nest

Combine Philips Hue with your Amazon Echo or Nest Learning Thermostat and you get even more control.

Nest’s Learning Thermostat recognises when you come and go – and learns to adjust your home’s heating accordingly.

Connect Hue to it and it’ll do the same with your lighting, switching off your lights when you leave, so you don’t even have to go into the app to turn everything off.

Pair Hue with a Nest Cam to create a smart security lighting system that mimics your behaviour, making people think you’re at home.

Hue and Echo

Amazon Echo is a voice-controlled speaker and virtual assistant in one. You can ask Alexa to ‘give you reminders’ or ‘stream music’, and you can also ask it to control the lights. You’ll never have to fumble for a light switch again.

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