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How to make your new home a smart home

Just moved in? Make your place more secure, less work and more fun with smart home tech.


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If you’re moving into a new place or want to make your home easier to manage, it’s the ideal moment to make your new space smarter. Smart homes have all kinds of benefits – from making everyday chores easier to cutting down energy bills. And most smart tech is easy to install and use.

It’s best to get yourself set up with a smart home hub - Google, Alexa, Samsung, or there are many others. After that, just add your compatible tech and use your hub to control your whole smart home from your phone or TV screen.

Here are some great ideas to help get your home set up smart!

Get smart beyond the living room

All too often it’s easy to think of smart tech as just belonging in the living room. You install your smart TV, set up a smart speaker and you’re done, right?

The truth is that a smart home is just that – and every room in your house can benefit from some connected wizardry. From the kitchen to the nursery, smart tech can make your life easier. Not sure where to start? Below we break down every room in the house and show you where your smart tech can go.

Front door

Starting at the front door, get smart tech and you can make your home both more secure and easier to access. Smart doorbells and smart door locks have loads of great features and are easy to install.

Living room

Living rooms are all about relaxing and staying entertained after a long day. Voice assisted tech allows you to find what you're looking for with just your voice. Pair it up with smart speaker and your fave shows sound even better.


Did you know that we spend the most money on what goes in our kitchens? So it makes sense to make it work better for you. Whether you're looking for a recipe or want to control your fridge while out shopping, smart kitchens make feeding the family easier.

Utility room

Whether you're washing clothes or heating your home, being able to control utilities from wherever you are is a game changer - and can help you save energy and cut down your bills.


More of us are working from home, so anything that can help make that easier and more pleasant can help you get productive.


Caring for a little one is a full time job, but a new generation of smart baby monitors means that parents don't need to be standing over a crib 24/7 to know that their baby is safe and well.


And relax! Bedrooms should be a space where you can get some much-needed rest, so having tech that will help you get off to sleep and rise bright and early in the morning is the perfect match.

Bathroom/ Outdoors

Trying to hit your fitness goals? You might be amazed how well a smart scale can track everything from weight to BMI. And outside the house, a security camera can help keep your space safe.

Want more?

Want some more smart home inspiration? Here’s a simple guide to setting up your smart home.

These are just a few ideas to get your smart home started, but there’s a whole world of smart tech to upgrade your home. From smart fridges that help you keep food fresh for longer to tech that helps you stay fit at home

Check out our smart home hub for more inspiration.

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