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5 ways you can exercise while you work

Don’t let work stop your workout!


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Many of us work at our computers all day and, while we try to make some time for exercise, it’s not always possible when there’s a full to do list in front of us. Fortunately, there are plenty of great exercises you can weave into your day without interrupting your workflow.

So, you can get the job done and become a desk-ercise diva.

1. Swap your chair for a stability ball

Sit ups and squats aren’t for everybody – and there’s a far more convenient way to tone your abs. Ditch the chair and sit at your desk on a stability ball.

How does it work? To stay comfortably on your ball, you’ll find yourself making lots of little shifts. And these add up to a workout which is great for your core muscles.

2. Take a break on your feet

Give yourself a screen break by getting up and moving around. We’re not talking about going for a run or hitting the floor for 50 push ups either. Keep it realistic. For example, walk to the kitchen and make a cup of tea – it’ll count towards that daily step tally. Alternatively, just do a few stretches. Every little bit of physical activity adds up.

3. Take your calls on the move

When you’ve got a call to take, plug in some headphones and walk while you talk. This is a great habit to get into – especially when you don’t need to be at your computer to be on the call. Should you need to take notes, you can do so while standing. A couple of calls a day and you’ll smash those 10,000 steps!

4. Try some chair yoga

Stretching is a great form of exercise which can be done without leaving your desk. Chair yoga is a great way to get some seated exercise, tone your muscles and get a much-needed moment of mindfulness. Try these moves to get you started….

Chair cat-cow

  • Sit with an upright back and feet firmly on the floor. Place your hands on your knees and keep your arms straight – keep these in place through the whole routine.

  • As you inhale, roll your shoulders back and bring your shoulder blades onto your back. This is the cow position.

  • As you exhale, drop your chin to your chest, let your shoulders and head come forward. This is the cat position.

  • Repeat this a few times.

Chair spinal twist

  • Sit sideways on your chair so the left side of your body is touching the back of your chair.

  • While keeping your legs in place, twist your body so that you’re now looking over the back of the chair. Use your hands to hold onto the back of the chair while in this position.

  • Lengthen your spine on every inhale and go into the twist on the exhale.

  • Repeat this a few times and then swap over to your right side.

Chair pigeon

  • Sit up straight. Bring your right ankle to rest on your left thigh – so that your right ankle lines up with your left knee. Breath in and out a few times while you hold this pose.

  • For a more intense stretch, hold this pose as you bend forward.

  • Repeat with your left leg.

And speaking of pigeons…

5. Try flapping your wings

This one give your shoulders, arms and chest a light workout. It’s a great one to try when you’re working from home – since no one will be able to see you trying it!

  • Sit up straight and raise your arms, stretching them out to the side so you form the letter T.

  • Slowly bring your arms straight out in front of you so your palms meet up.

  • Now return them to the first position.

  • To make this a bit more strenuous, hold onto some weights while you do it. These don’t have to be professional weights. Almost anything will do as long as the objects weight the same.

Work these into your daily routine and you’ll find yourself fitter and more flexible. Good luck!

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