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There are few things more exciting in sport than a World Cup. Club rivalries are put to one side, legends are made, iconic goals are scored. And best of all, you can watch every single match from the comfort of your sofa. Could it get any better for armchair fans?

Well, yes actually. There’s plenty of great TVs out there that make the pitch brighter and the sound louder. But few get the adrenaline pumping just as much as Samsung’s range of TVs. Packed with ground-breaking visual and audio tech, here’s just a few of their skills that really shine on matchday.

Show your true colours

Precision. Speed. Accuracy. These are just as important for your telly as they are for legendary footballers. You’ve seen 4K Ultra HD TVs, but Samsung’s 55" Neo QLED TV is a real title winner. Quantum Matrix Tech – paired with an AI powered processor – control thousands of mini LEDs. They create a seriously sharp, vibrant picture that shifts the contrast and brightness automatically as you watch. The pitch is greener and the action is crystal clear. Score.

Every one of these Quantum Dots that makes up the screen can transform into any of a billion colours. So we can’t wait to see the standout kits of the tournament in all their glory (we’re looking at you, Mexico). And that accurate colour is only improved more by HDR. Frame-by-frame, every picture is adjusted to keep up with every pass, every strike, and every frustrating VAR decision.

The best seats in the house

Samsung TVs are practically made for a football viewing party. We can’t all have the centre spot. But ultra-wide viewing angles mean you can pull up a chair practically anywhere in the room and still get the full touchline experience. There’s no need to host the whole team on your sofa for the full 90 minutes. You can even fire up the barbecue from the garden and still keep a clear eye on the match.

As for those midday kick offs, many of their telly’s have a neat trick to deal with sunlight glare. A special anti-reflective screen absorbs sunlight streaks and reflections, so they never get in the way. Even if the action moves to the far side of the pitch, or a goal kick sends the ball rocketing up the field, you’ll catch every single moment.

Stadium-grade sound

The rising noise of the stadium as the fans anticipate that game-changing goal. The wild celebrations when the ball ripples the back of the net. It’s these moments that Samsung’s impressive sound tech helps bring to life. And that’s because the sound is just as fluid as the picture.

Before you’ve even settled into the sofa, clever tech is working overtime to make things sound the best they can be. Quickly turned on with your remote, ‘Adaptive Sound’ optimises audio from the match on the fly. It takes a snapshot of the sound from the game (plus how it moves around the room you’re sat in) and tweaks it to suit your space. Clever huh?

‘Object Tracking Sound’ deserves a trophy all on its own though. Working with AI, sound is sent to the TV speakers that are closest to the source of noise on your screen. This means that the audio really moves around your telly, following the action closely in real-time. Whenever there’s a corner kick, you’ll hear the thwack of the ball from the corner of the picture. When the stand behind the goal bursts into song, you’ll hear it from the correct side. That’s smart.

And make sure to look out for ‘Clear Voice’ too. Some Samsung TVs include this sound setting which makes speech loud and clear. Activate it quicker than a Kylian Mbappé sprint with the press of a button – and hear the commentary in even better detail as the action heats up. Even the rowdiest crowd won’t drown out the commentary box.

Still not sure on the perfect TV for watching football? Head over to ShopLive and chat with one of our experts. They’ll answer all of your burning questions – and you won’t even need to leave the sofa.

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