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No.1 Baby Monitor Brand

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Source GfK*

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Wi-Fi Video Monitors

Peace of mind, on the go! See your baby in Full HD 1080p from your mobile device. Check-in with your little ones while you’re out and about! Stream live remote access from your smartphone or tablet with the free MyVTech Baby app.


Video Monitors

Stay close to the heart of your home from any room with a baby monitor. Refined audio and full-colour video bring you every smile, giggle or sigh, so you'll always know exactly how your little one is doing.


Audio Monitors

Whether you're preparing dinner in the kitchen or tidying up the living room, don't worry whether your little one is happy. Clearly listen to every sweet giggle your baby makes.


Baby Soothers

The family of V-Hush Sleep Training Soothers offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing a child's sleep routine and creating a peaceful environment for restful sleep, promoting healthy sleep habits.

* GfK Retail and Technology UK Limited. Based on period March 2022 - December 2023.

** Voted most trusted Baby Monitor brand by UK shoppers based on the 2024 BrandSpark ® U.K. Trust Study.