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Types of microwave

These solo microwaves are great for simple tasks such as reheating a forgotten cup of tea or warming up leftovers. But they can also take on bigger jobs, from cooking jacket potatoes, steaming vegetables or even baking cakes.

Microwaves with grills combine normal microwave cooking with a heating element, making it easy to grill fish or meat. Microwave grills also work great for browning pizzas, casseroles and cheesy gratins.

These microwaves offer more cooking flexibility than solo and grill models. This is because combination microwave ovens use microwave energy, a grill and convection heating (fanned hot air) so they can heat, roast, crisp and brown in the same way as a conventional oven, all in a fraction of the time.

Things to consider when buying a microwave

Microwave accessories

Microwave steamers

Microwave steamers lock in nutrients, keeping your vegetables healthy and delicious.

Microwave pasta makers

Did you know you can make perfect pasta in a microwave? Microwave pasta makers make it happen!

Microwave rice steamers

Rice steamers come with a pressure chamber plate that collects overflowing water and then drains it back into the base container. That lets you cook perfect white rice in just 8 minutes, minus the mess.

Microwave egg poacher

You can make the perfect poached egg in your microwave with a microwave egg poacher. It only takes a minute or two, with no mess and no fuss.

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