Types of virtual reality headset

Ready up and play VR games anywhere, without a PC or console. With a powerful standalone virtual reality headset, you’ve got the freedom to play just how you want.

Got a powerful gaming PC? Then connect a compatible PC VR headset to it, and take advantage of your PC’s high-end specs – along with a huge choice of PC VR games.

If you want to play VR on your favourite console, go for the relevant headset (such as PlayStation VR), and enjoy VR versions of the games you love – plus all-new originals!

Things to consider when buying virtual reality headsets

Whether you’re deep inside a virtual forest or speeding round a race-track, the right VR accessories will give you the extra oomph you need!

Katrina, Currys tech expert

Virtual reality equipment

From extra batteries to carrying cases, we’ve got the VR accessories you need to upgrade your existing setup and improve your VR gaming experience.


No more interruptions to VR fun! Go for reliable VR cables that’ll keep you connected in the middle of epic adventures without a glitch.

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Protect your VR gear on-the-go, with a VR case designed to keep all your precious kits safe and secure from bumps and scratches.

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Why stop the fun? A VR battery pack can boost your playing time, and if it’s part of the headset it’ll fit snugly with comfort in mind.

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