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RAZER Firefly Hard Gaming Surface - Black
Optimise your gaming experience with the Razer Firefly Hard Gaming Surface.Micro-textured surfaceThe Firefly features a micro-textured surface for the perfect balance of control and speed, delivering pinpoint accuracy and effortless speed. Ideal... Find out more
STEELSERIES QcK mini Gaming Surface - Black
Maximize your game with the Steel Series QcK mini Gaming Surface.Razor sharp movementsFor frantic fast-paced games that require lightning speed maneuvers and a quick reflex action, the Steel Series QcK mini Gaming Mouse Mat provides a smooth... Find out more
RAZER Sphex V2 Gaming Surface - Black & Multi-colour
The Razer Sphex V2 has an ultra-thin 0.5 mm form factor with an improved adhesive base for an unobtrusive gaming experience.Optimised for both laser and optical sensors, the Sphex V2 helps with gameplay speed and control.The tough polycarbonate... Find out more
ROCCAT Kanga XXL Gaming Surface - Black
Top features: - Improved axis flow to keep you in control - Comfortable wide gaming surface for when the action gets intense - Rubberised backing for strong surface grip Improved axis flowThe Kanga XXL is compatible with any type of gaming mouse... Find out more
LOGITECH G440 Gaming Surface - Black
The Logitech G440 Gaming Surface lets you play the way you want to – with more speed, control and grace.Improved speed surfaceWhen you need to play with finesse to deliver those winning strokes, having the mouse mat surface is crucial. The G440... Find out more
ESSENTIALS PMMAT11 Mouse Mat - Black
The PC World Essentials PMMAT11 Mouse Mat is a must-have accessory for computer users.This mouse mat ensures smoother movement resulting in optimised cursor fluidity. Suitable for use with ball, optical and laser devices, this PC World Essentials... Find out more
ALLSOP 06484 Laptop Cooling Stand
You needn't let computing get you hot and bothered with this Allsop Laptop Cooling Stand!This well-made stand acts as a heat shield to protect your knees or work surfaces, and employs passive air circulation with a special breathable fabric to... Find out more
CORSAIR MM200 Extended Gaming Surface
With a smooth, high performance cloth surface designed for increased accuracy and effortless movement, the Corsair MM200 Extended Gaming Surface is the perfect companion for your gaming mouse and keyboard. Find out more
RAZER Abyssus 2000 Gaming Mouse & Goliathus Gaming Surface Set
Top features: - Ergonomic mouse is perfect for gaming - Precise gaming surface offers complete accuracy Ergonomic mouse Designed for tournament gaming, the Razer Abyssus Gaming Mouse has an ambidextrous shape that can be used for any... Find out more
STEELSERIES QcK Gaming Surface - Black
Classic operation and precise control awaits you with the SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface. Safe and secure The QcK offers fantastic control and stability thanks to its rubber stick back elements that ensure a secure grip at all times. Unswerving... Find out more
HYPERX Fury S FPS Extra Large Gaming Surface - Black
Top features: - Anti-fray edges for a perfect mouse glide - Soft cloth surface is easy on your wrist Anti-fray edgesThe Hyper X Fury S FPS Extra Large Gaming Surface is great for gaming sessions. Its stitched anti-fray edges give you super smooth... Find out more
ALLSOP Comfort Mouse Mat - Black
Top features: - Built-in memory foam wrist rest supports your hand comfortably - Extra grip base keeps the mouse mat securely on any desk surface - Enjoy enhanced mouse control thanks to the mouse mat's special woven fabric Built-in memory... Find out more
ALLSOP 06196 Screen Protector & Mousepad - Black
Top features: - Convenient 2-in-1 design combines mouse pad and screen protector - Practical design with high grip base and cloth top Convenient 2-in-1 design An innovative 2-in-1 design, the Allsop 06196 Screen Protector and Mouse Mat is... Find out more
STEELSERIES Dex Gaming Surface – Black
Designed in collaboration with pro gamers, the Dex Gaming Surface brings what you need to ensure you never misclick again.The low friction cloth on top enables high response and fast movements, maintaining speed and accuracy with both optical and... Find out more
LOGITECH G840 XL Gaming Surface - Black
Top features:- Extra-large surface supports your mouse and keyboard for enhanced comfort - Durable and flexible design makes it ideal for travel Extra-large surfaceEnjoy both comfort and control with the Logitech G840 XL Gaming Surface.     ... Find out more
CORSAIR MM800 Polaris Gaming Surface - Black
Top features: - 15-zone RGB customisable lighting for ultimate control over your gaming experience - Built in USB pass-through port to free up a valuable USB slot - Low friction mico-textured surface for precise tracking 15-zone RGB customisable... Find out more
RAZER Goliathus Control Fissure Gaming Surface - Green & Black
Top features:- Pixel-perfect control with a heavy textured weave - Optimised for all sensors and sensitivities so you can play your way Pixel-perfect controlMake sure every shot counts and every move is true with the Razer Goliathus Control... Find out more
ROCCAT Taito 2017 Gaming Surface - Black
Combine elite levels of comfort with practicality when it comes to serious gaming thanks to the Roccat Taito 2017 Gaming Surface. Impressive levels of control The Roccat Taito Gaming Mouse Mat features a heat-treated nano pattern which aims to... Find out more
ROCCAT Kanga Gaming Surface - Black
Stay in control and game at your best with the Roccat Kanga Gaming Surface.Tested on over 80 gaming mice, the Roccat Kanga is designed to give you smooth and precise movement regardless of the game you're playing.The rubberised backing means it... Find out more

Mouse mats deliver smoother mouse performance, protect your work surface, prevent discomfort and wrist strain, and they can add a touch of colour and fun to your work or gaming space too.

For complex tasks like gaming or designing, the more accurate and quick a mouse is the better. A mouse mat provides a reliably flat, smooth and comfortable surface to work on, allowing your mouse to glide and perform at its best. Modern optical mice can have trouble with certain patterns and materials, but a mouse mat solves that problem by providing a consistent, easy-to-read surface for image sensors.

A non-slip rubber backing keeps the mouse mat in place, while some mats feature convenient and comfortable cushioning for your wrist, promoting better hand position and giving it a place to rest. Gaming-specific pads like Razer mouse mats are designed to enhance your gaming performance, with smooth speed surfaces or precise control surfaces that give you a reliable, uniform and portable place to play, anywhere.

Whether it’s for work or for precision gaming, a mouse mat makes things more comfortable. Check out our range of laser and optical computer mice for the smoothest performance.

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