DJI Accessories

DJI goggles give you a pilot’s eye view of the world

DJI goggles are compatible with DJI’s flagship products, and they give you an amazing first person perspective of your flight. The touchpad controls are simple and intuitive, or you can choose the Head Tracking mode and control everything with simple head movements. You can also enjoy panoramic views, listen to audio files, and watch videos in a number of different file formats.

High Resolution screens

DJI goggles give you a crystal clear view of your drone flight in stunning high resolution. The two Full HD screens have more than twice the number of pixels as a typical 2K single screen, so you’ll be able to enjoy every moment of your flight in incredible detail.

Inbuilt head-tracking

DJI goggles have an built-in head-tracking feature, giving you the option of going hands-free and controlling your DJI drone with your head instead. You simply move your head in the direction you want your drone to fly, and straighten your head to stop it turning.

Wireless transmission

DJI’s wireless transmission system transmits data from the drone to your DJI goggles with an extremely low latency, so you can view everything in near-real time. You can also connect up to four devices to the Mavic Pro drone simultaneously – so for example, you could add an additional remote and share the same first person viewing experience with a friend.

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