5 amazing things apps can help you do on Sony TV

Get fit? Learn a language? There’s an app for that.

28 May 2020

Modern smart TVs are like a bigger version of your phone. They’re packed with apps. Some of them you could predict – music streamers like Spotify or video content players like YouTube. But how about becoming a master chef or learning a new language?

If you want to get more from your smart TV, check out the huge range of handy and surprising apps you’ll find on Android TV – available on Sony TVs. And because you can look through the apps by category, it’s easy to find the app that matches what you want to get done.

And the great thing about Android TV? If you don’t know where to find the app you want, just ask Google!


1. Apps to get you fit

Did you know that your TV could help get you fit? Check out the Health & Fitness category and you’ll get some brilliant apps to get you moving – both free and subscription based. Why not try these…

Daily Workouts – Like having your own on-screen personal trainer. Pick your workout between 5 to 30 minutes. And it’s free!

Dance Fitness with Jessica – If you want to inject some fun into your fitness, this is a great way to tone up while you get into the groove. It’s subscription based – but there’s a free trial, so you can find out if it’s right for you.

FiT – A great, free app for working out – covering a huge range of push ups and crunches. If you’re looking to do some serious strength training in your front room, this is a great option. Each exercise comes with detailed instructions, so you know you’re nailing each move.


2. Apps to teach you to cook

Forget leafing through a crusty old recipe book, trying to decipher instructions. Android TV is crammed with handy step-by-step recipes – because it’s much easier to learn when you’re shown each bit of the process.

And there are also handy how tos that tackle specific questions – like how to make yeast dough rise faster or how to level cakes.


3. Apps to help you learn a language

There are few things as satisfying as getting the hang of a new language. With free to download apps like Smart-Teacher, you can learn correct pronunciation and spelling of loads of languages – from Spanish to Arabic.

Words are separated into categories and each section has a mini exam – just to help you review what you’ve learned. Smart-Teacher will let you know how you’re doing and how much progress you’re making – which encourages you to keep coming back.


4. Apps to play music

If you can think of a tune, Spotify will probably have it. Although the basic version doesn’t allow you to search, create playlists or download songs, an upgrade to Spotify Premium means you can do it all. Pair your TV up with a good soundbar and you’ve got the world’s greatest jukebox.

And there are loads of streaming services to pick from on Android TV, including Tune In and NOW Music. But if you prefer someone else to do the DJing, check out Radioplayer or my Tuner.

5. Apps for gamers

If you like playing mobile games, why not take the experience to a much bigger screen? Pretty much every genre is covered. Strike it lucky in PBA Bowling Challenge, smash your best lap in Asphalt Airborne 8 or play retro classics like Pac Man.

While you’ll have to pay for some of the games, there’s a huge library of games that are free. So, switch on and game on!


How to install apps on your Sony TV

Because Sony uses Android TV, you’ll find Google Play installed – just like you would on an Android smartphone. In here, you’ll find a massive selection of apps to download and tinker with.

You can obviously do a search to find a specific app, but on Google Play’s home screen there are highlighted and featured apps to explore.

You can then select an app, check out a description of what it does and then download it – depending whether it’s a free or premium app. It’s a great idea to read customer reviews to see if it’s worth your while getting it.

Once you’d downloaded it, it’ll be there to use at any time. Just go to the home menu and you’ll find a rectangular tile for it in your list of Apps.

Tip: if you want to update or uninstall any apps, go to Google Play and do it from there.

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