6 reasons you should upgrade to Samsung 8K TVs

Make your TV screen come to life with the power of 8K

29 Apr 2020

Tech is making entertainment a more amazing experience. And we’re seeing the results of that on our home screens thanks to the 8K revolution.

The new range of Samsung QLED 8K TVs looks set to soup up our TV time, thanks to incredible picture quality. But how much better is 8K TV? And how will it make TV, film, gaming and sports more a more real and immersive experience?

Here are six reasons Samsung’s 8K TVs might be the right fit for your front room.


1. They’ve created the world’s first QLED TV

If you want 8K now, then go for the Samsung QLED 8K TV – since it’s a world’s first. What does QLED 8K mean for you? You’ll get four times the resolution of 4K and a massive 16 times the resolution of HD. For the visual nerds out there, that’s over 33 million pixels on your screen.

And how will that improve what you watch and play? Shows, films and games will feel more lifelike than ever before – with details, depth, contrast and colour which let your picture leap off the screen. We all want to feel like we’re right in the middle of the action – and 8K brings us a big step closer.


2. It makes everything look SO much better

Upscaling is vital because, let’s face it, not everything you watch is going to be 8K… or even 4K. So, it’s about taking any content (whether that’s a classic movie or your favourite YouTuber) and making it look as good as it can.

And that’s what the QLED 8K TV does for 4K footage – making it look many times more lifelike and detailed than even a traditional 4K TV can manage. How? The secret is a combo of Samsung’s AI, super-fast Quantum processor and big QLED screens. There’s a lot of computing power that goes into a beautiful picture.


3. All your fave content in one place

With such an incredible picture, it makes sense to keep all the best shows and movies in one place – and that’s exactly what you’ll get built into your Samsung 8K TV.

Expect everything from Netflix and BT Sport to Apple TV’s 4K entertainment – all upscaled to 8K glory. So, no need for any extra boxes or streaming sticks. It’s all available at the touch of a button or just with Samsung’s voice assistant, Bixby. Say goodbye to those six different remote controls you can never find.

Samsung 8K QLED

4. Gaming gets levelled up

Who doesn’t want the latest console or PC hit look its best? Gamers know that there’s nothing to take you out of the game faster than ugly, laggy gameplay.

Samsung’s QLED puts gaming into 8K resolution, serving up the sharpest picture quality ever at 60 frames per second. This gives your games the Hollywood treatment.

And the timing couldn’t be better. With the 2020 release of next-gen 8K capable gaming consoles, only a screen with the power of the QLED 8K will be able to do them justice.

And because you get much higher contrasts, the enhanced brightness and shadow detail makes games feel much more lifelike. Then there’s something called Variable Refresh Rate – which means far less lag.

So, whether you’re a Fortnite fan or you’re saddling up for some Red Dead, your 8K TV will be the real game changer.


5. It brings the cinema into your front room

Film makers are using the new 8K technology to full advantage – meaning they can create more visually stunning cinema than ever before. And to experience the latest blockbuster action movie the way it was intended means having a screen up to the job.

With 8K, lines are sharper, fine textures are clearly visible and contrast is deeper. So, what does that mean? With a much better picture, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen.


6. You won’t need stadium tickets anymore

If there’s one thing that’s hard to replicate on a TV screen, it’s the atmosphere of a stadium. It’s about getting so close to the action that you feel part of every moment.

The depth that 8K brings to any game feels like 3D. Plus, you don’t need to se the match on a big pub screen to take it in because the picture quality gives you an incredible sense of depth.

And because the picture quality is so good, broadcasters will be able to shoot wider footage – meaning fewer cutaways. So, you’ll stay with the action – whether that’s a nail-biting penalty shootout or a blistering ace at Wimbledon.

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