Everything you need to know about hoverboards

From set-up to staying safe, it’s all here.

16 Jul 2021

If you want to know the hoverboard basics, our What is a hoverboard? article is a great read. And when you’re ready to learn more about the world of these self-balancing scooters, we’ve got you covered. From speedy setup to crucial safety tips, it’s all here.

How to set up a hoverboard

When you unbox your brand new hoverboard it should already be pre-assembled, properly calibrated, and fully charged – but it’s still worth checking all this.

As with any piece of tech you purchase, it’s a good idea to take a close look all around it, just to make sure there are no obvious issues.

Now check your instruction manual for details on how to calibrate your hoverboard. It’s usually something like:

  • Turn off the hoverboard.
  • Place it on a flat level surface.
  • Hold the power button down for 5 seconds until you hear a beep.
  • Wait until the light stops flashing.

Finally, check that it’s fully charged. Not sure how to do this? It’s all here: How to charge your hoverboard

How to stay safe on a hoverboard

Safety first! When you first start learning to ride your hoverboard the odd tumble isn’t uncommon, so make sure you’re kitted out with the necessary safety gear and grab yourself:

  • A helmet.
  • Wrist guards.
  • Elbow pads.
  • Knee pads.

It’s also a good tip to wear padded or thick clothes. Hoodies are good. T-shirts, maybe not so good until you learn how to ride your hoverboard properly. Talking of which…

How to ride a hoverboard properly

Okay, fully padded and helmeted up? And you’ve checked that your hoverboard is fully charged? Good. You’re now ready to ride it.

To start moving, stand on the platform (also known as ‘pedals’) between the wheels and lean very slightly forwards.

Push your left toe forward to turn right, push your right toe forward to turn left.

To slow down and stop, simply lean back a little. Easy.

Before you set off… know the law! It’s your responsibility to comply with local and country laws, so get to know them. Hoverboards can only be used on private land - with the landowner's permission - and not on public highways. And as we’ve already mentioned, always wear protective gear.

How to keep your hoverboard in good condition

1. Clean it regularly.

Yes, even if you’re riding your hoverboard on the cleanest looking pavements and open ground, it can still pick up grime and dust. So give it a good clean after you use it, to prevent anything nasty getting into its sensors and other internal components.

2. Check your pedals.

Your pedals should never feel loose, shaky, or unstable – even when the hoverboard is switched off. Don’t be tempted to ignore this issue if it arises, as it could affect your balance and cause an accident. You’ll need to get it repaired by a professional.

3. Look after your tyres.

Your hoverboard tyres work hard to give you grip and stability. So treat them kindly. Use a soft brush to clean them regularly, and remove any grit, stones or sharp objects that might have become embedded in the grooves.

4. Store it properly.

Yes, it’s small and compact, but don’t be tempted to store your hoverboard just anywhere. It contains lots of sensitive components that can be affected by moisture, so make sure you keep it in a dry and cool place. Well ventilated, and not exposed to direct sunlight. Garden sheds aren’t good, as they get too cold and wet in the winter. Be good to your board and make space indoors for it.

5. Keep it charged.

We recommend you fully charge your hoverboard after each ride. Even when you’re not using your hoverboard, charge it regularly (every 30-60 days). Doing this helps keep the battery in good condition for longer.

Further reading: How to charge your hoverboard

Give your hoverboard the ‘wow’ factor

Not all hoverboards are created equally, and some have added extras that are well worth looking out for. 

The most eye-catching add-on? It has to be customisable LED lights on the wheels, giving you the chance to express yourself and add colour to your journey.

Also, look out for hoverboards with compatible apps you can download onto your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your speed, track routes using built-in GPS, and lots more.

Or what about a built-in Bluetooth speaker for music as you ride?

If you like the sound of these features, check out our HOVER-1 Superstar Hoverboard. It has the lot.

And that’s all there is to it. Follow these tips for many miles of happy hoverboarding. Have fun!

Get up and go with a new hoverboard

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