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Don't get lost with sat nav assisted driving

Don’t set off without a sat nav. Thanks to GPS and downloadable maps, you can always make sure you know where you’re going – even if that’s overseas. Grab a Garmin sat nav, or a TomTom sat nav (or one from other great brands) and you can get features like touchscreen or voice assistant. And they’ll even warn you about traffic build ups that could slow you down.

And it’s not just for cars either. Looking for an HGV sat nav? Then grab a truck sat nav and you’ll get the heads up when there are speed cameras in the area. You can even hook it up to your phone and receive messages. So, there’s no unsafe fumbling for your phone.

Take to two wheels with a motorcycle sat nav. We’ve got top brands like Garmin motorcycle sat navs or TomTom motorcycle sat navs. They can be a totally hands-free experience thanks to voice assistant, as it’s very important to keep your eyes on the road.

Top accessories for your sat nav devices

If you’re buying a sat nav, we’ve got just about everything you need to go with it. Want to put your sat nav just where you like it? A sat nav mount means you can keep it where it’s easy to see. And we have sat nav holders for lots of different positions – whether that’s a sat nav dash mount, sat nav window mount or a sat nav air vent mount. And you’ll want to keep it juiced up with a sat nav charger too. Go for a portable charger for sat nav and your battery will never go flat – no matter where you end up. And to keep your sat nav in great condition, a sat nav case (like a 7in sat nav case) will protect it from bumps and bruises.

Prove your case with dash cam recordings

When there’s an accident, it’s important to have evidence that insurance companies often require. Fortunately, we’ve got all kinds to keep you covered. You can choose from a wifi dash cam, mirror dash cam, HD dash cam or get all-round protection with a dash cam front and rear. You’ll want great quality video so look for a 4K dash cam or a wifi dash cam so you can easily store your recordings.

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