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Support options

Say goodbye to computer catastrophes, mobile meltdowns and tech-related woes – our experts are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer 24/7 technical support for:

  • Computers

  • TVs

  • Home theatres

  • AV / Home cinema connections

  • Digital cameras

  • Set top boxes

  • Digiboxes

  • Camcorders

  • MP3 players

  • Hi-Fi & audio systems

  • Games consoles

  • Streaming media devices (Apple TV, Boxee)

  • Home phones

Tech support monthly £7 per month
Tech support annual. An entire year of coverage for the price of just 10 months £70

Existing customers

Contact us to change your personal or payment details, cancel your subscription, book a repair, or ask about an existing repair.

Remote Tech Support

No need to leave the house – our experts can help diagnose your problem remotely.

If you've arranged remote tech support with one of our experts, just enter your six-digit code below and click 'Connect'.

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If you’re viewing this page on mobile, you may need to download an app to allow remote tech support access - please ask the expert on the phone for more details.