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5 reasons why now is a great time to upgrade your laptop

Looking to upgrade? You couldn’t have chosen a better time. Here’s why 2019 is the best time to shop for a new laptop…


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1. Windows 10 is better than ever

If you’re looking to upgrade your tech, the best place to start is with the operating system – and Windows 10 is hailed as Microsoft’s best operating system yet.

It’s simple to use and fully optimised to work fluidly across desktops, tablets and smartphones – without compromising on performance.

And it’s just had a major update. As of May 2019, Windows 10 has a new taskbar and a new colour theme, improved search and Cortana functionality, a new Sandbox feature, a better file explorer and more.

Plus, with Microsoft’s Edge browser, reading online is so much easier, and it’s now using the Chrome engine so it’s just as good as Google’s #1 browser. The virtual assistant Cortana can set reminders and help you keep on top of your busy schedule.

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2. You can now get a laptop and a tablet in one

Of course, when upgrading, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting more for your money. And you can – by choosing a high-performance laptop that doubles as a tablet!

With the freedom to switch between two devices, you get a much more versatile experience for your money. Work on-the-go in laptop mode, and effortlessly switch to tablet mode for a film later on.

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3. Some top-quality models are now super-affordable

It may sound too good to be true, but brand new Google Chromebooks start at a crazily low price nowadays, due to their ‘lite’ approach for users who don’t need those power-heavy programmes.

For the same price as a pint in Central London (that joke never gets old), you could grab yourself an Acer CB3-132 11 11.6" Chromebook with an Intel® Celeron™ processor.

It has a 2GB RAM and runs for up to 9.5 hours on a single charge. Everything on a Chromebook is stored on the Google Drive, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

It comes pre-loaded with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Chrome. And you can access up to 2 million other apps via the Google Play store.

4. Laptop cameras can now do so much more

It’s not just the performance you’ll want to upgrade – laptops now feature a host of accessories and external features that make them better than ever. And one of those features is the built-in cameras.

Better yet: choose Windows 10 and you can benefit from the clever depth sensing of Intel RealSense cameras. With this technology, you can log into your laptop simply by sitting in front of the camera. As your laptop recognises you, it will immediately load up all your personalised preferences.

As well as keeping secure, you can also scan 3D objects and control your apps through hand gestures.

5. Laptops are now made for both artists and analysts

Remember Mac vs PC? One was for creatives, the other was for spreadsheet junkies? Well, no more. In 2019, upgrading is easy than ever – no need to find the brand that suits you, just choose the specs and software that will help you do your job.

With the advent of colour accurate displays, touchscreens and pressure sensitive digital pens, any laptop can become the perfect tool for being creative on the go.

Multitouch screens with 4K displays help provide beautiful depths in drawings and art – making your on-the-go artworks look stunning.

Meanwhile, high-performance Intel Core processors and software that has come in leaps-and-bounds means those same laptops can be just as good for tackling huge spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and can be used for programming too.

And of course, they’re the perfect devices to stream TV and play games on as well!

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