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Detective Pikachu Returns game release date, news & gameplay

Pikachu’s back on the case to solve a brand-new mystery…


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Detective Pikachu has unfinished business. Teaming up with his trusty sidekick Tim Goodman, the tough-talking electric mouse (with a soft spot for coffee) is back. And he’s got a new case to crack in Detective Pikachu Returns — the latest spin-off in the popular Pokémon franchise.

This one hits pretty close to home too. Detective Pikachu will have to investigate the sudden disappearance of his partner — Harry Goodman. And just like his father, Tim is the only person who can understand and assist the cheeky private eye as they search Ryme City for clues.

We’ve left no stone unturned in our Detective Pikachu Returns guide, which uncovers everything you need to know. From the game’s release date and price to the gameplay and much more.

What is Detective Pikachu Returns’ release date?

Detective Pikachu Returns pounces onto Nintendo Switch on October 6th, 2023. It won’t be long until you can get to the bottom of that mysterious case! The game is a sequel to 2016’s Detective Pikachu and was announced more than four years ago. So, fans have been waiting patiently for the wise-cracking detective to come out of retirement.

How much will Detective Pikachu Returns cost?

We’ve had to dig through the clues, but our powers of deduction are telling us that the release price for Detective Pikachu Returns will be £39.99.

Can I pre-order Detective Pikachu Returns?

You can pre-order Detective Pikachu Returns right now and be the first to kick-start the investigation. Oh, and if you enter code PIKA20 at checkout — you’ll save 20%. Pika, pika! Physical copy and straight-to-console digital pre-orders are also available through the official Nintendo Store.

Detective Pikachu Returns platforms and crossplay

Detective Pikachu Returns is exclusive to Nintendo Switch, so it won’t be available to play on other consoles. No smoke and mirrors here.

How to play Detective Pikachu Returns

Nintendo describe Detective Pikachu Returns as a “cinematic adventure”. You’ll be able to freely patrol the picturesque Ryme City — gathering evidence by exploring your surroundings, examining suspicious areas, and interviewing people and Pokémon alike.

You’ll run into some cool places on your travels too, including a fancy manor and even some ancient ruins. And don’t forget the odd pit-stop at the jazzy Hi-Hat Café for a quick coffee, or the detective might bring the thunder!

You’ll use your handy case notebook to scribble down important clues and eyewitness accounts, helping the sleuthing duo to piece their puzzling case together. Oh, and you won’t just have to follow your own hunches — you can enlist the help of some friendly locals during your adventure! Just take control of the cute, hat-wearing detective and jump aboard other Pokémon to hunt for evidence using their special abilities.

How many hours of gameplay will Detective Pikachu Returns have?

Nintendo haven’t given away many clues here. But going by the previous instalment, we’d expect Detective Pikachu Returns' story mode to offer well over 12 hours of gameplay. There’ll probably be plenty of side-missions and secrets to find too if you want to go for that 100% completion stat.

Who are Detective Pikachu Returns’ main characters?

The clue’s in the title! Of course, the talkative mouse is the main character, back with his magnifying glass and his signature “bolt of brilliance”. Tim Goodman will be by your side to speak with humans as you search for leads, and you’ll also get to meet his family too — including mum Irene, little sister Sophia, and hopefully dad Harry once you’ve gathered enough intel.

Loads of interesting side characters (or suspects?) will spring up too, such as Tim’s classmate Rachel Myers and her dad Howard — the mayor of Ryme City. And like we mentioned, there’ll be plenty of Poké-friends to give you a helping hand when the trail goes cold. We’re talking Growlithe, Slowpoke, Mewtwo, Luxray, Munchlax and many more fan-favourites.

What Detective Pikachu Returns features are player-customisable?

From what we’ve seen online, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to customise many features in Detective Pikachu Returns. It looks to be pretty simple and straightforward, but that’s the beauty of most Nintendo games.

What are the different Detective Pikachu Returns game mode options?

Detective Pikachu Returns should suit players of all skill levels. We can’t imagine it’ll be that difficult, but there might be the odd head-scratching moment! There’s rumoured to be a unique ‘Story Jump Mode’, which will give players the choice to skip ahead chapters or revisit old ones. And if you do get stuck, there will probably be some other tips and tricks that’ll make it easier to find the answers you’re looking for.

Will Detective Pikachu Returns have a multiplayer mode?

Just like the original game, there’s no multiplayer we’re afraid folks. At least you’ll have Tim to rely on for when the going gets tough…

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