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Astro Bot game release date, news & gameplay

Astronomical fun awaits in this epic space adventure!


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Get set for supersized space exploration this September. That’s because Astro Bot, the sequel to 2020’s Astro’s Playroom, is coming to PS5 — an interplanetary platformer that’ll have you zooming across vast galaxies in search of Astro the robot's missing crew.

Discover big, colourful worlds and battle it out against a huge ensemble of quirky baddies on your travels — including evil aliens and even giant mechanised animals! Some familiar faces from the PlayStation universe will show up along the way too.

We've got all the latest intel to help you prep for Astro's next brave mission. From the (inter)stellar gameplay to the release date, price, and much more.

What is Astro Bots's release date?

Astro Bot will be blasting its way onto PS5 on 6 September 2024. You won't have to train like an astronaut to play, but you better start warming up your thumbs right now — as this game looks like it'll be a real button-masher!

How much will Astro Bot cost?

The Standard Edition of Astro Bot will cost around £59.99, with the Digital Deluxe Edition priced at £69.99. For that extra tenner, you'll bag a couple of cool outfits for Astro, two additional liveries for his trusty Dual Speeder, 10 PSN Avatars, plus a digital soundtrack and art gallery.

Can I pre-order Astro Bot?

Want to kick-start Astro's huge intergalactic adventure on the day of launch? Just keep an eye on our upcoming games page to pre-order your copy of Astro Bot from Currys.

Astro Bot platforms and crossplay

Astro Bot is a PlayStation 5 exclusive. So, if you're an Xbox Series X|S or Nintendo Switch player, you'll have to get your kicks exploring other galaxies in console games like Starfield or Metroid Prime Remastered. Or how about jumping ship to a PS5?

How to play Astro Bot

Astro Bot is an immersive 3D platform game that'll have you playing as the titular character — a cute robot called Astro. The PS5 mothership has been wrecked, leaving Astro with a massive mission to find his loyal bot crew scattered throughout space.

You'll jet across more than 50 planets on a super-fast Dual Speeder (shaped just like a PlayStation controller) in search of Astro's lost comrades. Fly over big blue seas, desert sands, and through lush jungles on your adventure. But don't forget to take in the gorgeous graphics these cinematic worlds offer — they look amazing!

Astro will have to travel on foot too, especially when he's homing in on the location of a lost crew member. This means running, swimming, hopping over obstacles, and using Astro's 15 new abilities to deal with all the dangerous enemies in his path — feeling every punch, crack, and jump through your controller.

There are more than 150 VIP bots to discover too, all based on legendary PlayStation characters. And finding these cool Easter Eggs is only half of the story, as you can use the coins you collect to unlock special items for them. By reuniting a rescued VIP bot with their unique item, they'll give you a helping hand and perform special actions from the iconic games that inspired them.

How many hours of gameplay will Astro Bot have?

We don't know the length of Astro's mission just yet. But with more than 80 levels spread over 50 planets in six distant galaxies — we're expecting many hours of action-packed fun.

And "fun" really is the most important word here. The trailer alone is a thrill-ride, and Kotaku's early hands-on review of Astro Bot is full of praise — describing the game as "whimsical, delightful, and most importantly, just a whole lot of fun." We can't wait to play it!

Who are Astro Bot’s main characters?

Astro is the main man (or machine, we should say) in this game. But those VIP bots should back you up when the going gets tough. And then there’s Barkster — the loyal Bulldog Booster quite literally strapped to Astro's back! He’ll help you air-dash and smash through glass, metal, and enemies.

And speaking of enemies, there are more than 70 new types of baddies to beat. Which includes huge bosses you must defeat at the end of each galaxy — ranging from a giant octopus to a cursed genie and even a deadly cobra queen.

What Astro Bot features are player-customisable?

The Gatcha Lab is where you get to spend your coins on items for your rescued space buddies. We reckon you'll get to use them on power-ups for Astro too, but we'll keep you in the loop if we hear any more on character customisation.

What are the different Astro Bot game mode options?

From everything we've seen so far, Astro Bot is all about the epic main story mode. There are loads of stunning planets to visit and levels to work your way through though — so you're unlikely to ever get bored!

Will Astro Bot have a multiplayer mode?

Astro flies solo in this saga, so you won't be able to team up with a friend to find all those missing bots or beat up those big bosses. Maybe Astro's next assignment, eh?

Any more questions?

To keep up with the industry's latest console games, make sure to bookmark our upcoming games page. Our gaming news section here on TechTalk is a great source for all the hottest gaming gossip too! And don’t forget to check out our full range of PlayStation games before you go.

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