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Xbox Game Pass: what's new for August?

Stuff for puzzlers, racers and adventurers!


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It’s August and Xbox have a real bumper crop of games for you this month. In case you don’t know the drill, every month we do a round-up of new games available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription. Pay a monthly fee and you get access to all these games (and over a hundred more) to play. Whether you’re on PC, console or want to play on the Cloud, Xbox Game Pass will get you sorted. For more info check out Xbox Game Pass explained.

Now onto the good stuff!

New games

Curse of the Dead Gods – Cloud, Console and PC

Another month, another great little dungeon crawler. In Curse of the Dead Gods, it’s up to you to explore the dungeons of a cursed temple dodging traps and monsters as you go. But there’s an extra twist too.

As well as watching the normal stuff like your stamina and your health, you’ll also need to check your curse level. Things like fighting monsters in the dark, buying things with blood rather than gold, or just going to a new room, will all raise your curse metre. And having a raised curse metre adds all kinds of effects (good and bad) to your gameplay. Spooky!

Available now

Dodgeball Academia – Cloud, Console and PC

The reviews have been rolling in for Dodgeball Academia and they are glowing. Which is maybe not what you’d expect from a Sports RPG about dodgeball.

As you’d guess, the game is pretty tongue-in-cheek. You play as Otto, a kid on a quest to rule the school as the ultimate dodgeball champion. You’ll need help to get there though – train up your teammates to make a party not to be messed with. Plus, there are special moves to try out like tornado summoning and laser attacks. Y’know, just your average game of dodgeball.

Available now

Katamari Damacy Reroll – Cloud, Console and PC

Katamari Damacy is a cult-classic. Addictive gameplay, laughs, awesome design – it’s got it all. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most famous games out there. But let’s rewind – what is Katamari Damacy?

While on a drunken bender, the King of All Cosmos destroys all the stars, the moon and a bunch of other celestial bodies. Rather than fix the problem himself, the King enlists you (his son) to gather enough material to rebuild the stars and moon. You’re armed with a katamari, a magical ball that picks up anything smaller than itself as it rolls over it, to collect everything you need!

Katmari Damacy is as silly and as fun as it sounds. So, it’s definitely well worth a play, especially since Reroll is its remastered HD version.

Available now

Lumines Remastered – Cloud, Console and PC

This block puzzle game will make the hours whizz by. Not only is the puzzling itself very moreish, the high-octane house, trance and techno soundtrack really gets you in the zone. A treat for the eyes, ears and brain – this critically-acclaimed game is way better than your average minimalist puzzle game.

Available now

Skate – Console

Skateboarding irl takes real practice and skill, while skateboarding in Skate… takes real practice and skill. But at least you’re way less likely to get injured! And you feel almost as cool when you finally master a kickflip.

In Skate a fully reactive city is your playground. If you see it, you can probably perform a trick on it. Plus, you’ll have to contend with all the city’s inhabitants – whether that’s dodging security guards, riding with elite level skaters or impressing passers-by.

Available now

Skate 3 – Cloud

It’s back, and with better graphics, better physics and new challenges and tricks. This time it’s all about teamwork. Build your team to face-off against rival crews online and rule the city and its skate parks. Plus, this game’s got way more than just the skating itself – it’s about the whole lifestyle too. Create and sell boards, complete online challenges, even create your own skate parks.

Available now

Starmancer Game Preview – PC

The possibilities are almost endless in this space station sim. After a massive catastrophe, Earth is pretty much a no-go. So the fate of the human race lies with you, an AI known as a Starmancer.

Build, craft and manage every single bit of your space station any which way you want. Peaceful utopia among the stars? You got it. Horrific space nightmare for all your colonists? Yeah, you can make that too – we’re not here to judge. Just watch out for invading space zombies and insane or mutinous colonists.

Available now

Art of Rally – Cloud, Console and PC

This super stylish racing game feels a bit like the Drive of racers. Art of Rally is celebration of the golden era of rally driving. There are tons of tracks and cars to check out, all beautifully rendered in a hyper-stylised art style. And it’s a good way to see the world from your sofa, with tracks from all across the globe.

Available 12 August

Hades – Cloud, Console and PC

Hades has won a truckload of Game of the Year awards since it came out last September, including at the 2021 BAFTA Game Awards. So you know it’s a big deal.

This dungeon crawler roguelike has you playing as Zagreus, the prince of the Underworld. Your goal is to escape your father, Hades, and make it out to Mount Olympus. With the help of famous Olympians and other Underworld-residents, you have to make it out alive. But when you die, it’s not game over. You’re reborn – getting a little bit wiser, more experienced and ready to tackle the next run.

Everything from the artwork to the storytelling to the gameplay has received critical acclaim, so make sure you catch it this August!

Available 13 August

Microsoft Solitaire Collection: Premium Edition – PC

Solitaire needs no introduction – it is the most played game in history after all. Play it in this deluxe edition, with no ads and tons of competitive events and challenges to get stuck into.

Available 17 August

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