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Xbox Series X vs Xbox One: should you upgrade?

Thinking of upgrading your Xbox? We compare the specs and features to help you decide.


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The new Xbox series X has landed. It’s a superfast console that delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from a high-end gaming PC. And it comes with some fantastic new games that load faster, look amazing, and play like a dream.

So, if you already own an Xbox One, is it worth upgrading to the new console? We’ve compared the specs and features of both machines below to help you decide. Spoiler: the Xbox Series X is a serious upgrade on almost everything the Xbox One has to offer. If you’re into gaming, you’re going to love it.

Cool(ing) new design

The new Xbox Series X is a striking looking console, with a completely different look and feel from the Xbox One. It’s a large standing unit (although you can put it on its side, if you prefer) with a grille covering the top. This grille is an essential feature because it lets heat escape, keeping the inside cool without having to rely on a noisy fan to do the job. So even though it’s a much more powerful machine than Xbox One, it’s also a lot quieter.

Graphics that make you go WOW

Microsoft says that when it comes to graphics, the Xbox Series X is twice as powerful as the Xbox One. It has a hugely powerful 12 teraflop GPU (graphics processing unit) compared with the Xbox One’s 6 teraflop GPU, and that makes a huge difference to what you see onscreen. It has the potential of running games at 120fps (frames per second) in pin-sharp 4K resolution. Plus, it can run a lot of old 30fps games at 60fps, making them much smoother.

Here’s the thing we’re most impressed with. Unlike the Xbox One, the new Xbox Series X uses ray-tracing – seriously next-gen tech that makes in-game lighting and shadows look super-realistic.

Ray tracing explained in more detail

More power in the tower…

It’s no contest. In terms of pure power, the Xbox Series X beats the Xbox One hands down. It really is packed with some serious next-gen hardware that’s never been seen on a console before. Check out these numbers:

Xbox Series X

CPU: Eight-core 3.8GHz

GPU: 12 teraflops


Frame rate: Up to 120FPS

Resolution: Up to 8K

Xbox One

CPU: Eight-core 2.3GHz

GPU: 6 teraflops


Frame rate: Up to 60FPS

Resolution: Up to 4K

The Xbox Series X has another huge advantage over Xbox One. It uses SSD (solid state drive) storage rather than a hard drive, giving you much faster loading times and smoother streaming. You can also pause a game, start playing another one, then go back to your paused game and carry on from exactly where you left off!

An evolving controller…

The Xbox Series X controller is something else that Microsoft has improved on. It’s not a huge design departure from the classic Xbox controller you know and love… it’s just better in lots of cool little ways (and apparently fits smaller hands better).

The triggers now have added dots that help you grip them. And the D-pad is a new dish-shape that’s more comfortable, with a button that’s easier to press down no – it’s little touches like this that helps your gameplay.

There’s also a new share button in the middle, so you can take instant screenshots of your best gaming moments, and send them to the mate you’ve just beaten into submission.

It’s all about those games…

You’ll be able to play 1000s of games on Xbox Series X from launch, including exciting new titles Halo Infinite. Most big new games are optimised for the Xbox Series X, giving you speedy loading, spectacular graphics, and those smooth frame rates up to 120 FPS.

And with backwards compatibility, you can also play the best version of your old Xbox One (and Xbox 360) games. Thanks to the power of the Xbox Series X, a lot of these games are going to look and play better than ever!

Finally - fancy some forward compatibility? That’s basically what Smart Delivery offers. It’s a new feature that means you only ever have to buy a game once to get the best version of it on any Xbox console. So, you can buy Halo Infinite to play on your Xbox One, and it’ll work on your new Xbox Series X when it arrives.

In conclusion…

The Xbox One remains a great gaming console, but the Xbox Series X takes everything to the next level. It’s definitely worth upgrading to enjoy some amazing new games (we can’t wait to fire up Halo Infinite and dive into Forza Motorsport), and don’t forget your older games will look and play better too. It’s a win-win.

Buy the Xbox Series X here.

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