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What does a dehumidifier do?

Winter is coming, which means drying your clothes inside. Read our guide on how a dehumidifier can help reduce the risk of mould forming in your home.


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Humidity is more than something you experience just before a thunderstorm, at the height of summer or while you’re on holiday in the tropics.

UK homes in the winter can suffer from extra water in the air from drying our clothes indoors rather than on a line outside. Alternatively, some homes are generally more prone to damp or mould in the winter months, so a dehumidifier is a great investment if you need to reduce the water in a building.

Why should you buy a dehumidifier?

If there’s an excess of humidity in your home, then you risk having water stains on the walls, mould on the ceilings or condensation on the windows – all of which can lead to problems.

Typical problems include creaking floorboards, warped wood, peeling paint and insects such as silverfish or spiders coming in. The additional moisture in the air can also have a negative impact on your health.

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So, how do dehumidifiers work?

Dehumidifiers pull water from the air, and the best ones do it quickly and at room temperature without using too much energy. There are two types of dehumidifier to choose between:

  • Compressor a dehumidifier which works better in hotter temperatures and higher humidity – which makes it a good choice for most UK homes. These types tend to draw air in over a filter and then direct it over cold coils, which makes the water in the air condense and fall into a water tank

  • Desiccant – these dehumidifiers work best in colder environments, like a garage or conservatory. They work by using an absorbent material to draw the moisture from the air, which is then heated to pass the water into the condenser.

There are also various sizes to choose from, based on how much water they can hold. So, whichever you go for will essentially depend on how much space you have.

Bear in mind that the amount a dehumidifier can extract per day is greater than the size of their tank, so you’ll need to think about how you empty the tank, too.

What else do you need to think about before you buy?

  • If you don’t fancy emptying the water tank regularly, then look for a continuous drain facility – you can connect a hose to drain the water away

  • Consider whether the dehumidifier has a humidistat – it turns itself on and off, maintaining the humidity you’ve chosen

  • An alternative to the humidistat is a timer. You can use this to set the unit to run over a set time and save electricity

  • How easy it is to move from room to room – some have wheels, so you don’t have to lift!

  • Check how noisy the unit is – you don’t want to be disturbed while it works its magic

Ebac 3850e 21 litre dehumidifier

In a nutshell: A quiet, portable and energy efficient dehumidifier.

This model looks smart and with a dedicated laundry mode, it makes this dehumidifier the most effective way to dry your clothes.

With it you can:

  • Easily move it around the home

  • Continue using the room it’s working in, as it’s so quiet

  • Be confident that mould and moisture are being eliminated with its powerful system

  • Use it in the warmer months too, with an air purifier mode

MEACO 12L – AH portable dehumidifier

In a nutshell: Easy to use and quick-glance setting make this a breeze at getting your home back on an even keel.

You can see the room temperature and humidity on a display, as well as receive warnings if your home is becoming too dry or damp.

With this model you can also:

  • Easily empty the water from the unit with a removeable and light water tank

  • Move the unit around the house on castors or with a handy carry handle

Get the MEACO 12L - AH portable dehumidifier

LOGIK L20DH16 Dehumidifier

In a nutshell: This quiet operator will subtly get on with making your home more comfortable again.

This highly efficient model uses an excellent compressor to quietly remove the moisture from the air in your home.

With this model you can:

  • Choose between two speed settings, depending on the environment

  • Adjust the humidity mode to suit your needs and keep your home drier

  • Select the laundry function – perfect for drying clothes quickly

  • You can also buy an additional hose to continuously drain the water tank

Find the perfect dehumidifier

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