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What is eco mode and how does it work?

Fancy saving money? Or being more eco-friendly? Eco mode might be the way to go.


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We’re all a bit more environmentally conscious these days- and for good reason. So it’s fantastic that washing machine manufacturers have really stepped up. Most modern machines now have an ‘eco mode’ setting.

You can find out more about this for your particular model of washing machine by having a google or checking the instruction manual. But, for now, let’s just have a quick overview.

What is eco mode and how exactly does it work?

Eco mode really is what it says on the tin. A washing setting that lets you be more ecologically friendly- less water and less energy.

Wash modes are always a mix of three things: temperature, time and water. With eco mode you’re using less water and a lower temperature than most settings. Usually though, you’re in for a longer wash to get the same level of cleaning.

That’s because heating up the water takes the most energy. In fact, 90% of a washing machine’s energy consumption comes from that. The actual spinning of the drum uses very little power in comparison.

A longer wash means the water doesn’t have to be quite so hot. So, you’re still saving energy, even if you’re not saving time

Can eco mode save me money?

Yes. A lower temperature wash uses between 35-59% less energy than a hot wash. Less energy means less electricity.

And that translates to a big saving on your electricity bills. Plus, as we mentioned, you’ll be using less water. So, you’ll see a reduction in your water bill too.

Will eco mode work with tough stains?

Eco mode is great for your average wash if you’ve got the time. But if you’ve got some seriously dirty laundry piling up, you might need to think again. That lower temperature might not be enough to tackle really tough stains. The same goes for larger-than-average loads.

If that’s the case, you’re far better doing a regular wash. Two washes with eco mode will actually take up more energy than one hot wash. So have a quick think before heading straight for eco mode.

What about other eco settings?

There are a few washing machines that take eco mode to the next level.

Samsung’s Ecobubble is a good example. The washing machine has a bubble-generator under the drum. These bubbles help water soak through your clothes while still being gentle. That means less water – less cost to you, less water waste.

Hotpoint also have some clever tricks up their sleeve when it comes to eco friendly washing. Take their ActiveCare technology. This clever piece of tech can get rid of 100 different stains at just 20 degrees. Kind to your clothes, really kind to the planet.

Smart washing machines can be a real help here too. LG’s Wi-Fi enabled washing machine can be controlled and monitored from your phone. Great if you want to keep an eye on your energy usage. Or want to see the difference eco mode makes!

Now that you know all about eco mode, why not pick a new washing machine? Check out our full range of washing machines here.

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