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How to keep your electric scooter safe

From making it last longer to keeping thieves away!


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Just got yourself a brand-new e-scooter? Then of course the last thing you want is for anything bad to happen to it. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to protect your kit- whether it’s from day-to-day wear and tear or a thief who wants what you’ve got!

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How do I take care of my e-scooter?

The best way to give your electric scooter a long and happy life, is to nip any problems in the bud. Rather than waiting for something to go wrong, check your e-scooter regularly for faults. It might seem too much like hard work but trust us – it’ll save you a headache in the future. And, to make it that little bit easier, we’ve put together this handy checklist.

Check your brakes

This goes straight to the top of the list for importance! Ideally, you should be giving your brakes a quick check every time you step out on your e-scooter. Those things can whizz around pretty fast and your brakes failing is the quickest way to an injury.

Plus, if you notice anything not-quite-right, like resistance or stiffness, get it sorted now rather than later. You could be saving you and your e-scooter from a nasty accident!

Keep it clean

Since you’re taking your e-scooter out and about with you, it’s probably going to get pretty dirty pretty fast. And gunk getting in your electric scooter’s mechanisms is eventually going to take a real toll on it. Our advice? Give it a quick clean about once a week or anytime it’s looking particularly grungy- whichever’s first.

Make sure you clean your e-scooter with a microfibre cloth, rather than water. Water and electricity really don’t mix. If it reaches the battery, it’s going to do a lot of damage. So stick with a soft cloth and an old toothbrush for any stubborn hard-to-reach bits.

It also helps to keep your e-scooter under a cover. That way it’s protected from the elements as well as any dust! Which bring us onto our next point…

Make sure it can withstand the weather

Look out for your electric scooter’s International Protection or IP rating. It's made up of two numbers, like IP24. The first number tells you how dustproof your e-scooter is, while the second one tells you how water resistant it is. And if there’s an X instead of a number (like in IPX4) it means it hasn’t been tested for that particular measurement.

For each number, the higher it is, the more dust or splashes it can safely take. So if your e-scooter’s got a water resistance rating of 4 and up, it can handle the odd splash. But if it’s anything lower than that, you’ll want to give it a miss for anything but dry days. If in doubt, always follow the advice in your e-scooter’s manual about what kind of conditions it can handle!

Inflate your tyres

Most e-scooter tyres will be pneumatic, meaning that they’re filled with air. Properly inflated tyres will last longer and you’ll get more range too. But if they’re under-inflated, they’ve got less bounce and protection. They’re also more likely to get a puncture and your e-scooter won’t handle as well. We’re not suggesting you inflate your tyres every time. But you should always give them a quick pre-ride check to see if they need it.

Inflating the tyres on your e-scooter is easy too. In most cases, all you’ll need is a bike pump. Just check your electric scooter’s manual to see what the ideal inflation pressure is, inflate the tyres using the pump and then use the pressure gauge on the side of the pump to know when to stop.

Keep the battery at its best

Did you know that under or overcharging your phone will damage its battery over time? Well, the same’s true with your e-scooter. That’s because it probably has a lithium ion (or Li-) battery. Every time a Li- battery goes from 0 to 100% battery, it goes through a charge cycle. And most Li-batteries last about 500-1000 charge cycles.

To keep your e-scooter battery lasting longer, try to avoid doing a full charge cycle. How do you do that? By keeping the battery at between 30% and 90%. Don’t let it go flat or keep it plugged in when it’s already at full battery.

One more thing. if you’re going long stretches without using your electric scooter, like in winter, give it a charge every 2-3 months. That’ll keep your battery from getting damaged by being flat for too long. For more battery tips check out how to charge your electric scooter.

Lock it up

Make sure your e-scooter stays yours! E-scooters can be an easy target for thieves. So, if it has to be outside, keep it under lock and key. Some locks that work for a bike will work for an e-scooter too- but do double check whether it will work with your particular model.

Cable locks are cheap, but easy to bypass with a wire cutter. So maybe think about getting a chain lock or a U lock. Less portable but will definitely make any thief think twice.

Even better, keep your e-scooter inside. There are plenty of foldable electric scooters, which are way easier to keep tucked away in a cupboard.

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