Operating systems

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Operating systems are designed to help you use your laptop or PC. If your computer is running slowly it may be time to update the operating system.

Home computing has never been easier than with the latest operating systems from Microsoft, and gaming is now even better with Windows 10 as it’s cross compatible with the Xbox One.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It’s compatible with all desktop PCs and laptops and comes on a handy USB stick for easy installation. If you’re more familiar with earlier Windows operating systems, you’ll be glad to see the return of the start button and menu. If you choose Windows 10 Pro you get BitLocker data encryption so you can store sensitive data and the remote access function means you can log into your PC from a different Windows PC when you need to share documents.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home will take your home computer to the next level and allow you to play PC games with friends that have an Xbox One. If you want to run Windows on your Mac, check out our Parallels operating systems and you’ll be able to use all your favourite Windows apps on your Macbook Pro.

Whether you’re a gamer or you’re simply looking for more engagement from your PC, Windows 10 operating system will open up a whole new world of computing.

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