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Things to consider

What Operating system is for me?

Each operating system offers has something for everyone. Android is customisable, so you can personalise your home screen, select themes and add widgets for easy navigation. iOS is intuitive, with straightforward controls and popular apps. Windows tablets have a similar layout to PCs, so you can easily switch between both devices. Amazon’s Fire OS gives you easy access to all of Amazon’s products including eBooks, music and TV shows.

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Is this screen size right for me?

Picking the right screen size depends on what you use your tablet for. Generally, tablets range in size from 7” to 13”. 13” tablets are great for watching movies as well as working, 10” tablets are ideal for playing games and using apps, while 7” tablets are great for browsing on the go and reading eBooks.

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How much storage do I need?

You can save files, photos and videos on your tablet in three ways. Internal storage is the amount of memory space that comes built in, ranging from 8 GB to 512 GB. External storage can be added with a microSD card – just look for a tablet with a memory card slot. If you want to store files online, Cloud storage provides wireless access from any of your devices.

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Battery life

If you want to take your tablet on long journeys or keep browsing when you’re outside, long battery life is pretty important. It’s worth considering how much use you’ll get from a single charge, even if you’re browsing, watching or working at home. Most tablets have around eight hours of battery, enough to keep going for a full day.

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Tablets are great for many things, wherever you are. It’s your window into a world of entertainment, productivity, and overdue catchups with friends on social media. If you’re not sure where to start, know what size screen you want, which operating system to go for or how much storage you’ll require, we can help you find the perfect tablet to suit your needs.

And if you’ve got an existing tablet that’s faulty, slow, or just due an upgrade, you can trade it in and save on a brand-new device. Find out more here.