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What type of Fan do I need?

Depending on how large your room is, you may need to get a larger or smaller fan. If you have a small office space then a desk fan may be more suitable. For larger rooms, you may want to invest in a bigger floor standing fan so it can cool down your room quicker.

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What type of Heater do I need?

If you need something portable then an electric heater is what you need. We also have halogen and oil filled heaters if you're looking for something to heat just the one room, making it a little cheaper when it comes to running costs.

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Do I need an Air Purifier?

If you have severe allergies then it may be worth investing in an air purifier. They will work to clean out any pollen, pet dander and dust so the air is easier for you to breathe. Helping you get a good nights sleep and making day-to-day tasks at home an easy breeze.

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How can I ensure the ideal level of humidity in my home?

Indoor humidity levels should be between 30 and 50 percent with an ideal level about 45 percent. Using a hygrometer is the best way to measure this. If your levels aren't where their recommended number is, it may be worth you investing in a dehumidifier.

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Keep the air in your home exactly the way you want it with our range of fans and heaters. In the winter, you can keep your home warm with our range of electric, oil and halogen heaters. Ideal if you need to find something portable or prefer something more permanent for your home.

We also stock a wide range of dehumidifiers and air purifiers for those who suffer from serious allergies. This means you can create a safe home with no worries about your breathing habits, helping you to sleep and do day-to-day tasks that little bit easier. Dehumidifier's are also perfect for keeping your clothes dry by getting rid of any extra moisture in the air.