5 essential gadgets for armchair sports fans

Whether it’s watching Wimbledon or back-to-back footie this summer, armchair sports fans will love having these 5 gadgets in the home…

19 Apr 2018

Armchair sports fans

1. Keep up with the latest scores with a tablet

True armchair sports fans don’t want to just watch one sport – they’re champs at multitasking.

With a tablet in hand the sporting world is your oyster. Keep an eye on other footie fixtures – while the big game is on the big screen – to see where your team ends up in the league tables.

Or download the Sky Sports app and watch the cricket online while the golf plays on TV.

Amazon Fire HD10

If you’re thinking of investing in a tablet for the summer of sport, here are a few things you might want to consider…

  • If you want Sky Sports or The Sun Goals – which lets you watch highlights of the afternoon’s goals – then look at iPads or Android tablets.
  • Planning on watching matches back to back? Then you could be holding the tablet for a long time – choose something light and easy to hold.
  • Screen quality. If you plan on viewing matches via Sky Sports - instead of just reading results - then go for the highest screen resolution you can afford.

We think armchair sports fans will love the Amazon Fire HD 10. It’s got a 10-hour battery life, 10.1” Full HD screen, plus – with built in Alexa – you can use voice control to find the latest scores.


2. Never miss a moment with a mini-fridge

Don’t let thirst come in the way of a good game. Invest in a mini-fridge and enjoy your favourite chilled beverages without missing a minute of the match.

Simply plug it in next to your favourite arm chair and keep it well stocked for the summer of sport.

Before you rush out to buy one, you might want to consider the following…

  • How many cans do you need it to hold? As a rough guide a 49-litre fridge will hold 40 cans.
  • Need it to fit into that little nook next to the sofa? Then don’t forget to measure up.
  • If a crisp Sancerre is your tipple of choice, then look at specialist wine coolers. Designed to keep wine at the optimum drinking temperature, some even have separate ‘zones’ for storing beer and soft drinks.

Coca Cola mini fridge

Check out the Husky Coca-Cola mini-fridge in red. It holds 43 cans and with its cool retro styling and reversible door it will fit perfectly into your living room.

Dyson Hot + Cold fan

3. Keep the room temperature just right with a fan

Sport and summer go hand in hand. Wimbledon in June, Test cricket in July. Not to mention a certain big football tournament that’s on the horizon.

But with the excitement of the game and sun blazing down outside, it’s easy to get hot under the collar. Which is why plugging in a fan is a good idea.

Opt for a model like Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool and it’ll not only keep you cool but will even purify the air for you. Perfect for when the room gets a little stuffy.

Here’s why we love it…

  • It’s quiet. Its bladeless design not only looks funky, but no buzzing blades means it’s quiet too. There is even a Night mode that runs on the quietest setting – meaning you can watch the match undisturbed.
  • Easy to control. This smart model can be linked to your tablet via the Dyson Link app – so you can take control of the temperature without leaving your armchair.
  • It keeps you warm. If the British summer takes a turn for the worst – which is quite likely – and you feel a chill then it can be used to heat your room


Fitbit Charge 2

4. Avoid being couch-bound with an activity tracker

A one-day cricket Test match is engrossing stuff – but you can easily lose track of the time. Use an activity tracker to remind you to keep moving if you’ve been sat for too long.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is perfect for armchair sports fans. It not only vibrates on your wrist when you’ve been inactive for too long, but it also receives smartphone alerts – like calls, emails and calendar reminders.

Game getting a little tense? Then you can use its inbuilt guided breathing sessions to help you find a moment of calm.

Check out the Fitbit Charge 2

Amazon Echo

5. Never miss the fight or a match stat with your own virtual assistant

Not all the best sport takes place on UK soil – boxing matches held in Las Vegas and cricket played Down Under means you have to be up at all hours. That’s where a virtual assistant (VA) – like the Amazon Echo – comes in.  

Otherwise known as Alexa, you can use the Echo as…

  • An alarm. Ask Alexa when the big fight is and – if you need to be up early doors to watch it – wake you before it starts.
  • A sports pundit. Want to know the England squad line up? Or the low down on the fighters? Then just ask Alexa.

Neat, huh?

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