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Returns and Exchanges
Switching networks
Credit Application
Credit Payments & Returns
Credit Account & Agreement
Credit Contacts & Complaints

Returns & Exchanges FAQs.

How long does it take to get a refund?
How do I cancel an online order I haven’t received?
Can I return an item without proof of purchase?
Can I receive a refund for the delivery charges I paid for my purchase?
How do I make an international return or exchange?
What to do when returning or exchanging a phone?
What condition does my product need to be in?
Can I return or exchange my new SIM?
What can’t I return or exchange?
There’s something wrong with an item I bought online.
I’ve got no signal at home, what can I do?

Delivery FAQ.

Can I track my order?
Where we deliver to?
Delivery costs
Do I need to sign for my delivery?
What time of day do you deliver?
What if I won’t be in to receive my parcel?
Can I change a delivery address?
Can I speak to speak to someone about my order?

Repair FAQ.

Do I have to do anything before I bring my phone in for repair?
How long will my phone repair take?
Which phone brands can you repair?
Why get your phone repaired by us?
Do I need to have bought my mobile phone from Currys?
Can I get my phone repaired under warranty?

Switching networks FAQ.

Am I eligible to switch phone provider?
What mobile phone network providers can I switch to?
Can I switch from contract to SIM only?
Can I switch my mobile network early?
How long does it take to change phone networks?
How long will I be without service when I switch networks?

Credit Application FAQ.

How do I apply to pay monthly for a phone?
How much do I need to spend to pay monthly for a phone and accessories?
Do I need to pay a deposit?
What additional proofs may be required?
What happens next when I’ve been referred?
Why was my application declined?

Credit Payments & Returns FAQ.

Why are there different interest rates?
Why was I given a higher interest rate than the one advertised?
Why are 2 direct debit payments being taken from my bank account?
Can I make additional payments on my credit account?
What happens if I miss a payment?
How do I get a refund?

Credit Account & Agreement FAQ.

How do I set up and access my credit account?
Where can I use my credit account to shop?
How do I change my contact details or address?
Where can I find my Credit Agreement?
How do I exercise my right of withdrawal?

Credit Contacts & Complaints FAQ.

Who should I contact to discuss details on my credit account, including payments?
Who are Creation Consumer Finance?
How do I make a complaint about my credit agreement?
How will my complaint be handled?

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