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How tech can help you move house

Getting a new place? Tech can make it a whole lot easier…


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Moving house can be a real hassle. Packing up your old home and sorting out your new one takes time and effort. Oh, and cash too.

But here's the good news. Tech can help make your move a little less painful, and it can save you money too. Let's show you how...

Giving your old kit a new home

Don't just chuck your old stuff away. It's easy to get rid of unwanted tech responsibly, so why not sell it or trade it in?

If you’ve got an old piece of tech, we can recycle it responsibly. You get a gift card to spend on new tech, so it’s a win-win. It’s easy to get a valuation too, using our online trade-in calculator.

And for everything else, there are loads of apps that can help you out:

eBay: You’ll have a huge audience to sell to, so chances are someone’s going to want your stuff.

Decluttr: Great for when you care less about price and more about getting rid. Post your item to the app and it’ll valuate it for you. If you’re okay with the price, you send it over to them with a free shipping label so they can pay you.

Making your moving masterplan

Getting organised beforehand makes any move less hassle. There are so many moving parts, it’s good to have somewhere you can track them all.

This is where something like easy-to-use Microsoft Teams or Google apps could help. Keep track of everything you’re doing with spreadsheet for your spending, or a checklist for your move (we've got one for you below). Plus, they're collaborative - so if you’re moving with your partner, you can update and edit things together.

Use a checklist to keep on track

To help you make sure you don’t miss anything when you move house, we’ve come up with this handy home-mover checklist for you. Hope you find it useful!

Prepare to pack up

  • Buy boxes and bubble wrap.

  • Get a measuring tape.

  • Find or buy DIY tools. Or get them back from your neighbour!

  • Get a label maker.

  • Recycle or donate what you don’t take.

Change your address

  • Tell utilities with your new address and date of move.

  • Cancel or move any subscription deliveries.

  • Get parking permits for your new home.

  • Transfer your TV licence.

  • Register with your new local authority for council tax.

Things to do on moving week

  • Book your removal company.

  • Book time off work for the move.

  • Number or label your boxes so you don’t lose any.

  • Empty your fridge freezer and defrost it.

  • Arrange for someone to look after your pets and kids for the day. Just to keep them out of the way for a while!

Settling in

Use an app to help you move

You could even try out a specialist app like MoveAdvisor. It’ll help you make a detailed inventory of all the stuff you own and where it’s kept. So, when it comes to unpacking, you know where everything is. No ‘where’s the kettle’ panic. And you can make a thorough checklist with reminders for all your move-related tasks.

Getting you set-up quickly

There are all kinds of things you need to get sorted quickly after you move in.

One of the most important is letting all the right people know you’ve moved, like your bank, the council, any memberships you have or old bill providers.

With you can let them all know in one go. Just create an account, add the organisations you need to inform and you’re done. Simple as that.

The other important one is sorting out your broadband. Keeping connected will make moving in a whole lot easier. And you can chill out with Netflix after a long day of unpacking boxes.

Did you know you can get great broadband deals with us? Bundling your TV and broadband can save you quite a bit of money. And we make it easy to compare deals from different providers- like TalkTalk and Virgin Media – so you can find the best one for you.

Finding the right tech for your new place

We all like to make our new home our own. And sometimes that means making way for some new tech. That might mean getting new kit for your kitchen. Or making your home a smart one.

If that’s the case and you’re wondering where to start, why not try ShopLive? With ShopLive you can video chat with one of our instore tech experts to get advice on everything from TVs to toasters- all from your sofa!

We can also help you out with affording it. As well as great deals, we have loads of flexible ways to pay. You can spread the cost over a year (or more), or buy now, pay later. This lets you get the tech you need for your new home, when you need it. Sorted.

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