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How to get rid of your unwanted tech

Got tech you don't want? Here are 4 ways to get rid responsibly…


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Have some old tech lying around you don’t need? Whether it’s an old gadget that’s been replaced by a newer model – or a gift that didn’t quite land – make sure you get rid of it responsibly.

Here in the UK, lots more waste is created around Christmas. And if you’re binning unloved tech made from plastic, that can seriously impact the planet. It could end up in landfill or oceans where it can’t break down.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. Here are a few ways to make sure your old tech finds a new home…

Recycling it the right way

If you’ve got old tech you don’t want, you can recycle it with us.

If you’re already visiting one of our stores for something else, bring your old tech along. We can then recycle it for you. We’ve got special bins for it. Or if it’s too heavy or chunky for you to get it in your car, then let us know. We’ll collect it from your house for a small fee.

We can even take your old appliances away when we deliver your new one. From washing machines to fridges and TVs, we’ll dispose of them for you. Just add the service when you place your order.

But why do we do this? Well, recycling stops harmful chemicals and metals from polluting soil and water. Plus, it keeps junk away from animal habitats. It’s easy too. So, it’s a no-brainer really.

We’re very proud to be the number 1 tech recycler in the whole of the UK. In fact, we safely recycle over 65,000 tonnes of waste electronics every year. You can trust us to get rid of your tech properly, that’s for sure. Find out exactly what happens to your tech when you recycle it with us.

Trade it in for something new

This is a cross between recycling and selling. And it’s the best of both worlds. We offer trade-in for certain bits of tech. Check out our trade-in page to see if your gadget fits the bill.

If it does, we’ll value it in-store - then give you a gift card in return right away. You can then spend that on the tech you really want. And, of course, before we do anything with your tech, we’ll wipe all your personal data from it for free.

Where does your tech end up though? We usually send it to developing countries. That way it can be used by people who really need it.

Sell, sell, sell

If you want to make a quick quid or two, this is the way to do it. Find an online selling store and list it for the price you want. There are loads of sites to pick from. Take a look at Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, eBay and Gumtree for starters.

Each has different pros and cons. Have a little think and do some research before you choose where to sell your stuff. Consider things like:

  • Listing prices

  • Delivery costs

  • How in-demand the stuff you’re selling is

Find someone else to love it

Even if it’s not your kind of thing, someone else might enjoy that bit of tech. So why not gift it to them? Just as long as it’s not the person who gave it to you originally. That could be a bit awkward…

But if you can’t think of anyone straight away, you could save it for a rainy day. There are sometimes those moments when you forget to buy a present. Now you’re sorted.

One more thing - don’t forget about recycling your tech packaging either. And if you want to find out more, head to ShopLive. Our in-store experts can answer your questions on all things trade-in and recycling. There’s a bunch of tech made from recycled materials they can recommend too.

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