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Look no further for a printer to handle your day-to-day printing tasks. Affordable wireless home printers, productive office printers, creative and colourful photo printers… we’ve got the lot.
Best for printing documents like boarding passes or e-tickets, these printers are ideal for busy homes and students. They’re simple to use, and can easily handle 50 pages a week.
Office printers are great for printing high volume documents and detailed presentations, in colour or black and white. If you print over 100 pages a week, these are the printers for you.
If you need to print pin-sharp documents quickly and efficiently (black and white or colour), go for a laser printer. They’re fast, and can handle heavy workloads – day in, day out.
Want physical copies of your digital holiday snaps? That’s exactly what photo printers are made for. They’re great for other colour printing jobs too, like posters and presentations.
Printer ink cartridges come in all colours to help you create quality documents on your inkjet printer. If you’ve got a laser printer, choose from our range of colour toner options.
Scanners are perfect for creating digital copies of all your important documents or precious photos. You can then store everything safely on your computer, and share it by email.

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Things to consider

Inkjet or laser?

The first thing to decide is whether you need an inkjet or laser printer. Inkjet printers are great for home printing thanks to photo quality prints, lower ink costs and their connectivity options. Laser printers are suitable for regular use and printing in high volume, thanks to their large capacity toners and much quicker print speeds.

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On each wireless printer, we list all the ways it can connect. Common options are AirPrint for iOS, Google Cloud Print for Android, Wi-Fi for PCs and Macs, and NFC for the latest smartphones and tablets. Lots of printers have more than one connectivity option, so you’ll always be able to find one that’s suitable for your devices.

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Laser printers are usually faster than inkjet printers, but be aware that speed varies between brands and type. We list printer speeds in either ppm (pages per minute) or ipm (images per minute), so you can quickly find a printer that meets your needs.

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A wireless home printer makes it easy to print from your smartphone and tablet. If most of your documents and photographs are online, it’s the perfect choice. For more professional tasks, you might want to consider a home business printer with built-in scanner, copier and fax machine.

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HP Instant Ink

Instant Ink is a feature on selected HP printers. It lets you pay a fixed monthly fee to print a certain number of pages per month, with ink being posted to your address when needed. Instant Ink keeps you in ink and can help save you money, so it’s perfect for businesses.

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Long gone are the days when you’d have to wait until you got into the office to print and send off your important stuff. Nowadays, it’s pretty standard to see a printer and scanner in most of our homes.

So whether you’re after a shiny new home office printer or just browsing through the huge variety of scanners, we’ll not only have you covered but we’ve also got the printer ink to match.