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Upgrade your computer to do everything speeded up with a new internal solid-state drive (aka SSD).

Load your operating system quicker. Transfer files faster. Open apps more rapidly. Yep, this mass storage device lets you live your tech life in the fast life. Perfect for gaming, graphic design, photo editing and, well, any task that requires high-speed interaction with demanding programmes.

So, how does an internal differ from a solid-state external hard drive? An internal SSD connects to your computer to function like a traditional hard drive. And it goes inside your device, whereas an external SSD, on the other hand, is connected outside via USB. In comparison to a regular HDD, you’ll usually find an SSD is much faster, as it has no mechanical moving parts and stores data via flash memory (rather than magnetic platters).

You’ll find plenty of internal solid-state hard drive choices here, from leading brands like Samsung . But what features should you look for? Compatibility with your device is vital, of course. You’ll want to select the right form and size, whether that’s a 2.5-inch (typical for desktop PCs and laptops) or an M.2 for ultra-slim devices. Hardware encryption is essential for peace of mind. And a warranty for a set number of years will also help put your mind at rest.

With capacities ranging from 120GB through internal solid-state drive 1TB sizes and up to 4TB, our range covers all requirements and budgets. Check out the read and write speeds to get an idea of how quickly data can be transferred. If you’re looking to render and safely store 3D data and large 4K videos, it’s also worth comparing the number of TBW (Terabytes Written) when choosing between options.

While you’re here, browse our full external solid-state drive collection, or zoom in on the Samsung external SSD range.

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