Electric Mobility

If you’ve ever been for an overseas city break, you may have enjoyed zipping along seeing the sites on an electric scooter. Want to own your own? Well, we’ve got a great selection for both grown ups and kids. They cover every level and are packed with fantastic features that make scooting easy, fun and safe.

Electric scooters for adults

Want to go for a scoot but don’t know where to start? Check out our adult electric scooters. They can scoot along at 15mph, but you can also use switch modes to go slower or to make your battery last longer.

Many of them are foldable so are easy to store away when you’re finished. Plus, lots of brands have an app you can download on your smartphone – so you’ll be able to check everything from battery life to past journeys.

Electric scooters for kids

Don’t leave the kids out of the fun! Kids electric scooters will generally go at lower speeds than the full-size version and they’re built with safety in mind. They’re lightweight and easy to use and come in a range of colours – so they’re bound to find their favourite!

And if they’d rather whizz about in the back garden or indoors instead, why not check out our hoverboards?

Everything you need for your e-scooter

And whether you’re shopping for adults or kids, always remember your helmet. And we’ve got you covered thanks to our range of electric vehicle accessories – from portable power packs to locks, cables, helmets and just about everything you’ll need to get your scoot on!

Just remember that privately owned electric scooters must be used on private land and can’t be used on roads or footpaths. For that you’d need to use a rental scooter where scooter schemes are running.

For more advice on how to pick the right electric vehicle for you, why not talk to one of our helpful ShopLive colleagues?