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Dopamine Crush

Pop culture expert Hunter Clark uncovers Easter eggs from our fave games.


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dopamine crush dopamine crush

Gaming makes us happy. And when it comes to that zingy, just-levelled-up, feel-good factor, there’s nothing like finding an Easter egg. So, if you’re looking for a quick dopamine fix, check out some of our favourite games’ hidden details.

Finding hidden gems can be hard if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’ve teamed up with pop culture expert Hunter Clark, AKA @hiddengamingdetails on TikTok, to uncover all the juicy bonus features that you might have missed. You can expect call outs to extreme attention to detail, meta jokes and subtle nods to previous games.


Finding hidden gems can be hard if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’ve teamed up with pop culture expert Hunter Clark, AKA @hiddengamingdetails on TikTok, to uncover all the juicy bonus

features that you might have missed. You can expect call outs to extreme attention to detail, meta jokes and subtle nods to previous games.

God of War:
God_of_War_Ragnarök Santa Monica Studio / Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Game Freak / Nintendo
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Fortnite Epic Games
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Did you know?

Looking for a major confidence boost? Tackling actionable goals can create a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

It’s the little details that breathes realism into our favourite games, which can make the escapism that you get from playing even more satisfying. Non-player characters (NPC) are usually a great way to incorporate little actions that will make the game more memorable – and you really have to be paying attention to spot them!

For example, Atreus is told to leave by Heimdall and Odin but if you choose to eavesdrop, you’ll hear snide remarks made by the pair, such as “Did you know he was this weird when you invited him?”. This little detail would be missed if you had chosen to scarper when told to.

NPCs are also one of the main ways that side quests are enabled during games, or in the case of God or War Ragnarök, they’re known as “favours”. Studies show that nailing objectives and goals regularly can give you more confidence in your everyday life. This new-found confidence can improve your life satisfaction and enhance general well-being – so now you really have no excuse to skip the side quests.

Did you know?

Video games provide you with a realistic place to escape to so you can forget about your troubles for a while. in Pokémon ‘Did you know?

Pokémon fans have been crying out for an explorable world to sink their teeth into and Pokémon Scarlet/Violet was made to give the people what they want. So, it’s no surprise that some of the best hidden treasures in the games are throwbacks to previous games that fans adored. These little love notes (or love doodles, in this case) can be found when exploring various buildings around Paldea.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find mosaic murals on the floor and walls of the city gym which depict all the Pokémon in Generation 1 and artwork in Nemona’s house depicting an abstract Greninja.

Games, especially role-play games, give us the opportunity to explore various worlds in a way that TV and books can’t.

They provide structure and control over several aspects of the game, including how we interact with characters, the quests and the miniate details like decorating rooms and foraging for food. This sense of control allows gamers to fully escape the rigours of day-to-day life (where they are at the mercy of outside factors), allowing them to fully relax and unwind. All this can result in better overall wellbeing.

Did you know?

Video games help people to learn to cope with failure in a safe space.

From Darth Vader kneeling when eliminated and the Matrix bullet dodge to the Indiana Jones nuclear fridge abandoned in the desert reference , in Fortnite is probably one of the most meta games on the market. It is jam-packed with references that only those who have their fingers on the pop cultural pulse will be able to decipher. In fact, the game has even created its own culture as in-game

references have started creeping into the real world, in the form of their iconic dances and sayings. And so, the meta circle continues to go around and around.

Sometimes, you’ll be up against players that are bigger, better and stronger than you. It’s a fact of life and in gaming. But that’s okay. It just means that you have to adapt to improve your skills and gaming provides

the perfect environment to learn how to beat the boss on every level. Developing this emotional resilience to get up, dust yourself off and try again that you learn in games can be implemented in your everyday life.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Nintendo
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Infinity Ward / Activision
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Grand Theft Auto Rockstar Games
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Did you know?

Gaming challenges your brain which can help you think more strategically both in and out of gaming.

Can you call yourself a fan if you don’t know the rock formation in the shape of Koopa Troopa in the Sunshine Airport track is the same as the one on the beach track in Mario Kart 64? Relishing in the joy and excitement of spotting the hidden callouts to past games is part of the allure of gameplay. The heritage of a game can influence the kind of Easter eggs that you can expect to find.

As Mario Kart 8 is just one in a long line of games produced by Nintendo, it means there are plenty of references to other Mario games for eagle-eyed super fans to look out. You’ll be racking up serious Driver’s Points if you can spot them all!

From figuring out the tricks to give you that competitive edge to learning which kart handles better on certain tracks, gaming

can engage your brain more than other hobbies (think binge-watching TV). This strategic approach can help you achieve a higher level of thinking that can help you out when life throws you a banana skin. Whether that’s a work-place problem, planning a trip or juggling the everyday running of your household, all you have to do is channel your inner gamer and you’ll be sure to end up in first place.

Did you know?

People are most likely to discuss sensitive issues with their online gaming friends.

Teammates. Check. Cool ammo. Check. Plenty of evil villains to take down. Check. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has everything you loved in the previous versions wrapped into one stunning game. However, when it comes to Easter eggs, not all the best ones are references to previous games. Some require an extreme attention to detail that can make people appreciate the art form of gaming and, in the end, is

what breathes realism into this awesome game. For example, if you’re using a thermal scope and you aim through a window, you won’t be able to see through it, because in real life they can’t look through glass. Only professional gun handlers would know this.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is, undoubtedly, one of the most well-known

multiplayer games. It allows you to join up with friends across the world to defeat your foes. Multiplayer games are a brilliant way to practice and improve social skills through teamwork and communication. For example, the loading screen time provides you with an invaluable opportunity to chat and discuss things with friends and, ultimately, to ensure no man gets left behind.

Did you know?

Feeling tense? Video games are great stress-relievers as they reduce negative emotions such as frustration.

There are games that tip their hat in acknowledgement of other games and then there are games that are not subtle when it comes to the crossover of Easter eggs. This can be especially true when various games are produced by the same production company. For example, Grand Theft Auto Online introduces you to the mechanical version of Madam Nazar, who recites a few random numbers when you interact with the machine. And who is

Madam Nazar? Well, she’s a real NPC character in Wild West adventure Red Dead Redemption 2. These two iconic games are produced by Rockstar Games. These hidden details could be a time saving hack for busy developers or it could be hints for the release of a new game… only the game developers know for sure.

Outrunning enemy crews, ensuring you have enough ammo, keeping track of health stats

and communicating with other teammates to secure the win is multitasking at its finest. Improving your multitasking abilities can be useful in any situation, so it’s always a good skill to hone in your spare time. If multitasking isn’t for you, then it teaches you to prioritise the most important tasks first which can help you lighten the load and make your daily tasks seem more achievable.

Meet the expert

Hunter Clark

An expert in pop culture and social media, Hunter Clark highlights the details you might have missed in your favourite movies, tv shows, video games, and more. What started as a simple idea has grown into a media empire with over 5 million followers and full team of employees.


If you’re wanting to hunt down your own hidden Easter eggs or are just looking to take advantage of a few of the surprising hidden mental health benefits of gaming, we have plenty of consoles to pick from. The Nintendo Switch console is ideal for gamers who are looking to chill out and unwind with Animal Crossing and Pokémon. But if your slogan is “the more ammo, the better” then you’ll find plenty of thrill-seeking games to play on PlayStation 5. For the PC fanatics out there, don’t worry, we haven’t left you out! You’ll find deals on laptops for gamers and cheap PC for gaming to suit you gaming preference.


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